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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Date with the Coffee Maven

The Coffee Maven, who is hotter than the coffee she sells, and I met at the bookstore a week before the bookstore closed. About a week ago, we did the, "are you creepy" check when we hung out. She wasn't and I wasn't so we made a date for today.

When I got off work, I headed over to the Coffee Maven's shop. We hung out there for a bit then went to my favorite Thai place. Yummy, yummy Thai food! After that, we hopped on the El, where legs leaned up against each other and arms "accidentally" brushed, and went to the Museum of Contemporary Art where (a) it's free on Tuesdays and (b) she'd been told that the exhibit of Jeff Koons's art was quite good. We were particularly glad for (a) since (b) wasn't quite to our liking. There were some interesting pieces, but overall it wasn't all that grand. The 'sexually explicit' pictures were more pornographic than artistic to my taste. Don't get me wrong, I like porn, but I expect more from something passing itself off as art than penises, boobs and assholes in typical sexual positions. I was intrigued by Kara Walker's large installation piece and would go back to view that again.

After the museum, we decided to go for a walk by the beach. As we were walking towards Lake Michigan, a girl in front of us had on hot pink sweat pants had in bubble letters and in a rainbow arch on her ass the words, "True Love Waits". I was trying not to laugh when I caught the Coffee Maven's eye and saw that she had seen it too. We both squeezed our lips tight as the man who was with the "True Love Waits" girl hit on her while talking about Jesus. Once we were past them, we both about busted a gut laughing and the Coffee Maven summed it up on one word, "Hilaaaaaaaarious!" Since it was over her butt, my one question was, "does that mean 'true love waits' for anal sex?" We couldn't stop laughing after that.

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