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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Under the Seats

After reading my story, "Theater Distraction", one of my readers asked if I'd ever had sex in a theater. Initially I answered no, I've never had sex in a theater. But then I thought about it. It's true that I've never had sex in a movie theater, but I have had sex in a live theater. So instead of going back and correcting my statement, I decided to post that scene here. enjoy!

A quick background... The Mentor and I had a complicated relationship. I had just turned 20 when we met, he was 27. We went on one date then decided to just be friends. He was pretty well established as THE Stage Manager for the professional theater company attached to the school I was going to and decided to take me under his wing. He was a fantastic teacher and we became a great Stage Management duo. Somewhere in the midst of our working relationship and ever growing friendship, we started dating.

One evening, as we were setting up the theater before a rehearsal, the Mentor asked me to help him get a large oriental rug from the storage closet under the seats. "There's no way I'm gonna be able to drag that rug out by myself."

"Sure," I said, setting down the props I was carrying. "I didn't know that was a storage closet under the seats."

He grinned. "Yeah, there's a lot down there and I have the key."

The closet under the seats was more a wide hallway than a closet. It stretched from one end of the auditorium to the other. The floor sloped down to the middle then rose up to the other side. Because of the unexpected steep slope, I fell into him, giggling. He caught me, but lost his own footing and we tumbled onto the rug we needed to bring up laughing and kissing. The laughter faded as he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me deeper. Beyond the doors, we could hear the voices of our actors arriving.

He sat up, but I pushed him back. "But we should..."

I touched my finger to his lips. "We have an hour... or, rather, half an hour? Until..."

He shushed me.

"Is anyone down here?" The voice of the set designer echoed down the hall. I buried my face in his chest so not to give us away. The light switched off and the door slammed shut with a resonating boom. I snickered and grabbed his dick through his pants.

"We've probably got about fifteen minutes," he gasped.

I busted into a fit of giggles as he quickly removed my pants. I zipped open his jeans, slid them down, slipped a condom onto his erection and straddled him, pressing his back into the dusty carpet. He grabbed my breasts pulling one to his mouth as he fondled the other. He moved in and out of me as I rode him. I tightened my vaginal muscles around his member; he gasped. We came together muffling our moans and squeals. I collapsed onto him.

Beyond the walls we could hear the stage crew asking for us. Getting up, we quickly redressed, grabbed the rug and brought it out from under the stairs... trying not to giggle.

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