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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Wee Bit Late... & a bit about CampOUT!

Hey All!

So I had every intention of posting yesterday, but exhaustion won out. We got in from CampOUT Monday evening. After unloading and putting several things away, it was quite late when I got to bed and I had to work quite early yesterday morning. As my teaching/directing job is with teens - and a few above teenage years as I recently discovered - is quite active, I was tired. Even after a nap, I was still exhausted. So I lounged about then slept some more.

Despite the incredibly long drive (that hit the point of crabbiness about the 7th hour on the way home), the lack of cell phone reception, and the humidity, CampOUT was delightful! Even though I spent most of my time assisting the Artist & flogging books, I had a WONDERFUL time! I enjoyed meeting so many new people, flirting with a few lovely creatures, listening to some wonderful discussions and having a few quiet ones of my own. I do wish I had more time to play, but alas, the Artist was there to work & I would be a poor assistant if I flounced off on my own. Besides, I do so love being of service to the Artist.

Some highlights:
  • I met Lee Harrington & bought two of Lee's books (a fantastic writer and awesome individual!) = Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macrome & The Toybag Guide to Age Play I ripped through the latter while still in the woods. What a delightful little book! It is very clear and to the point yet had a storytelling air to it. I am slowly working my way through the Rope book and am looking forward to trying the tying out. And it just so happens that the Philosopher is visiting this weekend... *wicked grin*
  • Sexy Trans exhibitionism!!! Yippy!
  • A pool, a hot tub, trans kisses and cuddles, Bear lovin', grrrrrrrrrrrreat!
  • Fabulous fire spinning by the Artist, delightful drumming by a yummy hippie woman, fire cupping by Jinx AND she gave me a handout on Fire Play!!! Yippy!!!!
  • A Dungeon in the woods. I didn't get to play, but it looked really good & one of the St. Andrew's Crosses is now in MY possession. :D (A bit of a late payment for a tattoo that I got to benefit from.)
  • And Jake's cooking. Jake rocks my entire sock drawer!
  • Plus ideas for future collaborations, negotiations & temptations.
All in all, it was grand.

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