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Thursday, August 28, 2008

the Professor

The Professor and I met online. His first email began, " ...this may be too forward, and certainly seems like an unusual context for this type of conversation, but what the hell..." then he proceeded to ask me about views on feminism since I put that I was a feminist on my profile... But he started this conversation on a kink website. That pleased and impressed me. We had some fun back and forth e-mailing. In one of his emails, he included three pictures. One was of the pictures was of his face, the second was of his tattoo but the third was censored by the site. I teased him about it, asking if it was naughty.

And then he sent me a picture of his dick. I responded, "yep, that's a dick."

But the dick was a slip. He'd sent a long e-mail before the picture that explained that it was a teasing response to my "was it naughty" comment 'cause the pic he'd originally sent wasn't naughty. There was a screw up with the site where not all of his e-mails were going through. And he was mortified that he had offended me. He was a dom who was worried about offending me. I was intrigued.

We wrote a few more times before we met in person. But before we got to the actual meeting, which I'll write about in a separate post, we started having certain e-mails that were reserved for Daddy/daughter play. The fact that he knew how to separate real life from playtime was wonderful! And it was a good indication of how he would be in real life.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A bit of Rambling on Letters

There is nothing that excites me like a beautifully written and passionate letter. Over the years, I've had the fortune to be involved with several excellent letter writers. The Mentor, the Mad Monk, the Philosopher, the Professor (who I'll soon be introducing) as well as a few others have written me some incredible letters and e-mails. It has challenged my own letter writing prowess and for that I am grateful.

It's been a while since I last thought about the origin of my letter writing fascination. Then, just the other day, I received an e-mail from the Mentor. Even before we dated, the Mentor would write me the best letters. I even managed to save them when the basement I was living in flooded. At the beginning of August I'd written him about my Under the Seats post, not necessarily expecting a response, so I was delighted when he did respond. The thing is, he never responds with a few lines. No. The Mentor always writes a full letter. He wrote about his life, his wife, his daughter, his work... He wrote about the direction his life has taken and how it is so different from the path I am on and how, even though he loves his life, my writing allows him to live vicariously. This made me smile.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Punishment for the Spastic Girlfriend

I freaked out on my boyfriend, the Philosopher, this past week. Freaked out in the worst possible way... I broke up with him. I broke up with him and within three hours recanted. There's a lot going on in my life right now and I have a tendency to overreact at the worst times. (My mom calls me her all or nothing girl.) Fortunately, he allowed me to retract my ending our relationship as he is so awesome. He understands the pressure I've been under and is willing to deal with having a spastic girlfriend. He came in town to visit and we talked. Things are much better.

Yesterday we went into the basement, the dungeon, for my punishment.

He removed my shirt and bra, put my wrists in the cuffs suspended from the ceiling and used my shirt to cover my eyes. He began with a bare handed spanking over my jeans, scratching my back and biting the flesh above my collar bone. I moaned and whimpered as his teeth and nails dug into me. He then began beating me with my wooden switch. There was no slow build like he usually does. But it wasn't the pain that made me cry, it was the fact that I had been such a jerk and freaked out and put him through this. Yet, even with the heartache of hurting someone I love, being bound and beaten was turning me on... my panties were becoming rather moist.

He removed my pants and my dripping panties then continued spanking me with his hand. His hand slid between my legs and he fingered my clit. He grabbed the switch, slid a finger up inside me and began swatting my ass lightly. The switch hit harder as his thumb found my clit and he slid another finger in and out of me. He paused to come around and nibble on my nipples. He bit hard, causing me to cry out. He continued biting and chewing at my breasts for a while as I squirmed and panted high pitched whines.

Grabbing the rubber flogger, he flicked me several times before going back to spanking. He paused and kissed my mouth then pulled away. I stood there for a few seconds, naked and trembling as my ass cheeks throbbed. A cooling liquid was squeezed onto my lower back and dripped down over my ass. After the momentary surprise, it felt soothing. He rubbed it around gently, cooling my butt then slid a finger into my anus. He slathered more lube onto my ass. I moaned, cumming as he plunged his finger deeper into me.

I heard him slide his pants off with his other hand as he worked a bit more lube up in me before pressing his penis into me. Very gently, he plunged in as he rubbed my clit with his non-lubed hand. Fingernails clawed into my ribs and teeth bit my shoulder as his thrusting found a rhythm. I howled in ecstasy cumming over and over again until he was cumming with me.

After he took me down he said, "Now no more calling yourself a jerk." I nodded as we kissed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I don't often bitch but...

It's recently been brought to my attention that there is another "Crumbs in my Cleavage" blog/journal. It irritates me because it was started in April while I began mine in January and it's getting top billing on goggle search. (Where's the love google? You OWN blogger, why you gotta dis me like that?) Before I began my blog, I perused the internet for other blogs, websites or whatever that might already have this name so that I would not infringe on them. The other writer either did not search or did not find mine.

The two things that bother me the most is that the other writer seems to be incredibly self-deprecating and critical of her body. This is merely my opinion, but from what I've read, her journal seems to be made for the purpose of tearing herself down in the guise of self improvement. And that, dear readers, is almost the complete opposite of what I do here.

I write in celebration of my body, my sexuality, my lovers, my kinks, my fantasies and, if it just so happens that my erotic adventures get you off in the process, I'm ever so pleased.

I've also been having issues with blogger's adult content warning (it's big, ugly & clunky) but I don't want there to be any reason to delete my blog.
Edit: after a bit of research, I've discovered that as long as I keep the disclaimer at the top, I don't have to have the blogger's "adult content warning" page.

Okay, enough bitching. Back to the erotica on Sunday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Austere: part 7 (fiction)

After calling Constance and finding out that she would be with a client for the next hour or so, Ladderis went to the Buddha CafĂ©. He hadn’t been there since that first meeting with Mistress Constance. The place was practically empty so he sat in the same booth that he and Landon had been sitting in when she strolled into his life. So much had happened in the past three months that he was having trouble wrapping his mind around it all. Constance was exactly the kind of woman he wanted. She was smart, self-assured, sexy, fun, kinky, easy to talk to… there was just so much about her that he liked. The only thing that gave him pause was her profession. But even that…

He sighed.

He wanted to be okay with it. He wanted to be so cool that the idea of dating a professional dominatrix was a point of pride, not vexation. But he just didn’t know if he had the fortitude to be the boyfriend of a dominatrix.

Of course, he mused sipping his third cup of coffee, maybe he was getting ahead of himself. Maybe it had been just a one-time thing and she seriously regretted opening herself up to a client. Maybe she wouldn’t even show up and she’d just stop returning his phone calls. Maybe….
The thought was lost as a pale squat man in a business suite wiggled his way into the booth across from him. The man smiled, revealing glowing white but crooked teeth. Ladderis found himself compelled to smile back.

“Good evening,” rasped the odd little man. “I come on behalf of Mistress Constance. She told me… wait, you’re Ladderis, right?”

Ladderis nodded.

“Good.” He adjusted his tie and cleared his throat. “She told me to tell you to take this,” He handed him a thick manila envelope, “and meet her. The time and location are in the envelope.”

The man stood.

Ladderis grabbed his arm. “Wait!”

Shaking a bit and trying to pull away from the younger man’s grip, he squeaked, “What?”

“She isn’t coming?” The man’s eyes bugged out as he shook his head. Dropping his hand, Ladderis whispered, “Why?”

Regaining his composure, the strange little man shrugged his shoulders and scurried out the door.

Pulling the envelope towards him, Ladderis gingerly opened it and slid the contents out onto the table. There was a note folded into a star, the nipple clamps she’d used on him the time they’d played at the theater, an adjustable cock-ring and the picture he’d taken of her. He quickly slipped the clamps and the ring back into the envelope and opened the note.

“Dear Ladderis,
While you are not the first sub to wish to be more than just a client, you are the first one I would very much like to have as my real-life slave as well as a lover and a friend.
But is that enough?
I have a policy… I do not date clients. Thus far, it’s been useful. Yet here I am, a 35-year-old woman who hasn’t had a proper relationship or even a proper fuck in over five years because I fear letting anyone close to me.
But is that reason enough to take such a risk?
Yet you… YOU have permeated past the mask I wear and forced me to show you parts of who I really am. I feel compelled to tell you things I’ve buried so deep inside me I’d almost forgotten they were there. I’ve only known you for three months, yet I feel that we have been dancing around each other for eons.
I have no idea if any of what I’ve written makes any sense to you. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry if you feel I’ve wasted your time but I will ask you not to call or contact me in any way ever again. If it does, then you will know what to do with the things in this envelope and you will meet me at 3 pm on Saturday in the place that I have indicated.
No matter what happens, I wish you the best.
Mistress Constance”

Ladderis read the letter three times and studied the picture intently before folding it up, putting it and the picture back into the envelope, paying his bill and going home. His apartment was dark when he arrived. Landon was either out or already in bed. Without turning on any lights, he quietly went to his room and threw himself onto his bed to cry… with happiness.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bondage Boy Pin-ups

The Artist, who has her own website:, is going to be joining me here with Bondage Boy Pin-ups. She has been lamenting the fact that there's a lot of female bondage art and very little male bondage art. "I AM the female objectifying gaze!" She'll be posting on Wednesdays. Yippy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chocolate Shell (fantasy)

When I got home from work today, I decided to take a nap because I was headachey and tired. My room was hot, so I stripped off all my clothes and turned on the fan. On the verge of sleep, my mind wandered to an idea I've had about the chocolate shell people put on ice cream. As I slept, I dreamed....

I dreamed I was in a large metal vat, completely naked. My wrists and ankles were tied to the outside handles of the vat with licorice whips. I could easily break free but knew there would be grave punishment if I did. As I lay there, vanilla ice cream was being scooped into the vat all around my body. My teeth chattered as I felt goose bumps prickling my skin. I started to say something, but gloved fingers quickly covered my lips.

"Do we need to fill that mouth so that words won't escape?" The deep voice resonated from the figure in a dark hooded cloak. I shook my head. "Then keep your thoughts to yourself!" He smacked my cheek as I nodded.

After there was ice cream outlining my entire body and in the gap between my thighs and my arms, the hooded figure left the room. I breathed his lingering musky scent in, trying to keep my mind off the cold.

When he came back in, he was carrying a few brown bottles and a bowl. He set the items down, put his hand into the bowl then ran ice cube after ice cube over my flesh. I tried to hold still, but shivers ran through me. He ground two of the cubes against my nipples then swirled the last remaining slivers over the fullness of my breasts.

"And now, for the topping!" Beneath the hood, I could just make out a smile.

He picked up the bottle, held it upside down over my left breast and squeezed. The smell of chocolate filled my nostrils. The liquid was warm after the ice. I relaxed into the feel of it as he squeezed the rest of the bottle covering my neck, chest, shoulders and upper arms. The bottle sputtered so he tossed it aside, grabbed the next one then continued to pour chocolate over the rest of my body and the ice cream. The liquid began to harden on my flesh, squeezing tightest on my nipples. I moaned with pleasure.

A rattling woke me as my phone vibrated. It was my mom. I let my voice mail get it and rolled over to go back to sleep, but my chocolate affair had left me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Writing troubles & a little something fun

Life's been a little distracting and busy and a bit overwhelming. If only I didn't have to sleep... If I didn't sleep, I could get soooooo much more done.

I've been working on the ending for Austere and I've almost got the next part figured out... almost. So part 7 will most likely be posted on Thursday. In the meantime, follow this link to YouTube for some fantastic...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Canoes, canoes, canoes!

Three friends and I went canoing today along the Fox river. It was so much fun! The day was beautiful, sunny with a nice breeze. There were quite a few people out on the river, but it wasn't too crowded. In fact, we had moments of seclusion away from the rest of the canoes and their inhabitants. All along the edges of the river where rocky bits of hillside that jutted out. Some of these outcrops created caves.

In one I saw a boat with a couple kissing. As we floated past, they sunk further down into their boat until the boat looked empty.

On one of the banks, another I saw a guy untying the bikini top of the woman he was kissing while a group played a game of butt grab tag in the water just off the opposite bank.

Further down the river there were three people, two older women and a guy in his 20s, in inner tubes. The women tried to bribe us with $20 so their drunken friend whose tube was losing air could ride with us. They laughingly asked if any of us knew first aid or that thing that starts with a C.
"CPR?" I asked.
"Yeah that's it!"
The other woman laughed. "No, he'd like that too much!"
So we paddled on.

As I watched these events, my mind began to flash onto other possibilities of sexual adventures along the river and, in particular, in a canoe. Canoe bondage? Hmmmm.... sounds dangerous. But it is fantasy... I think this is gonna be almost as fun as the canoe trip itself was!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wait for it... wait for it...

I hit my 100th posts!

Actually, I got to there a few posts ago, but I didn't notice 'til today. I think that for my (pseudo) 100th post, I should do something a little bit different. So here's a look into the things I'm working on for the future of Crumbs in my Cleavage:
  • putting together swag to sell on
  • putting together chapbooks to sell through
    • I've been editing & adding to "The Cherry Chronicles" to put together in a chapbook.
    • Bek of has agreed to illustrate the cover.
    • I'm adding to & editing my fiction as well as other bits of real life erotica to put into chapbooks.
    • Depending on how the sells on Cherry goes, I may be able to get Bek to illustrate other stories as well!
  • begin a "choose your own erotic adventure" story either on this blog or through a different medium
  • set up "personalized smut" that people can order through....
  • a website beyond the blog-o-sphere!
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment here or e-mail me at

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'll be posting Friday night this week. Just thought you might like to know! ;D

~ Ninian

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Migraine and power outage

The lack of post on Sunday is due to a migraine that was incredibly painful for three days, manageable one and is still buzzing in the background today. Then, to top things off, Monday's storm (the reason for the migraine, damn my barometric brain!) caused a power outage for about 16 hours. But there's a post today! Enjoy part 6 of the continued adventures of Mistress Constance & Ladderis in Austere.

Austere: part 6 (fiction)

“So did you have sex?” Landon was standing in the kitchen frying some bacon, his back to the living room where Ladderis was lounging on a large cushion playing a video game. Ladderis wrinkled his nose at the smell of burnt pig meat. Even when he was a meat eater, Ladderis had never been big on pork products.

He paused the game and threw an angry look over his shoulder. Unfortunately, Landon’s focus was on the bacon, so the look wasn’t even seen. “Dude, that’s not what it was about.” Exasperated, he sighed, unpaused his game and turned it up so the apartment was filled with explosions and grunts.

Landon flipped his bacon onto a plate, turned off the stove and wondered into the living room. He crunched his meat thoughtfully and sat on the couch to Laddaris’s right. “So let me get this straight. You’ve been paying this girl to, how should I put it, fulfill your fantasies when your actual fantasy is to have sex with her.” He shoved the rest of the first piece of bacon into his mouth. “And last night, you spent the night at her place and you didn’t have sex?”

Ladderis paused the game again. “Look, I respect her, okay?”

Landon chuckled, “so you can’t have sex with someone you respect?”

“That’s not what I was saying.”

“Then what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’m not just lookin’ to get laid, okay? I really like this girl and I want something more.”

Landon shoved the last of the bacon into his mouth, ran his finger through the grease on his plate and licked it. “You wanna date her? You wanna date a whore?”

Ladderis glared at his friend. “She’s not a whore.”

Landon shrugged, “Good as.” Ladderis punched him in the knee. “Ow! What the fuck, man?”

Ladderis stood up, furious and ready to fight. “Don’t you EVER talk about her like that, okay? She’s the woman I love and I will not have anyone speak like that about her!”

Rubbing his kneecap, Landon waved his hand to ward off any further attacks. “Okay, okay man. I get it. But think a minute. People are going to say things like that about her. I mean look at her profession. Dude, you’re gonna have to deal with it, whether you like it or not.”

Ladderis shook his head. “No, you don’t get it man, I’m gonna save her.”

Landon laughed. “That should be interesting… I don’t think she wants to be saved.”

Ladderris sat back down. He put his head in his hands. “Saved isn’t the right word. I don’t know, I want to help her, I guess?”

Landon walked into the kitchen and grabbed two beers. He popped the tab on his as he tossed the second one to Ladderis. He sat down again and studied his friend. “Dude, you know I’ve got your back, no matter what. But if you’re gonna date her, I mean really date her, you’re gonna have to accept the fact that she is a professional dominatrix and, because of that, people are going to perceive her as a whore.” He took a swig of his beer. “You know what I’m sayin’?”

Ladderis nodded. “I think I need to go talk to Constance.”

Landon raised his can and tapped it against the one Ladderis had forgotten he was still holding.

“Thanks man,” Ladderis muttered. Sighing deeply, he set down the can, grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.