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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Canoes, canoes, canoes!

Three friends and I went canoing today along the Fox river. It was so much fun! The day was beautiful, sunny with a nice breeze. There were quite a few people out on the river, but it wasn't too crowded. In fact, we had moments of seclusion away from the rest of the canoes and their inhabitants. All along the edges of the river where rocky bits of hillside that jutted out. Some of these outcrops created caves.

In one I saw a boat with a couple kissing. As we floated past, they sunk further down into their boat until the boat looked empty.

On one of the banks, another I saw a guy untying the bikini top of the woman he was kissing while a group played a game of butt grab tag in the water just off the opposite bank.

Further down the river there were three people, two older women and a guy in his 20s, in inner tubes. The women tried to bribe us with $20 so their drunken friend whose tube was losing air could ride with us. They laughingly asked if any of us knew first aid or that thing that starts with a C.
"CPR?" I asked.
"Yeah that's it!"
The other woman laughed. "No, he'd like that too much!"
So we paddled on.

As I watched these events, my mind began to flash onto other possibilities of sexual adventures along the river and, in particular, in a canoe. Canoe bondage? Hmmmm.... sounds dangerous. But it is fantasy... I think this is gonna be almost as fun as the canoe trip itself was!

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