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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Punishment for the Spastic Girlfriend

I freaked out on my boyfriend, the Philosopher, this past week. Freaked out in the worst possible way... I broke up with him. I broke up with him and within three hours recanted. There's a lot going on in my life right now and I have a tendency to overreact at the worst times. (My mom calls me her all or nothing girl.) Fortunately, he allowed me to retract my ending our relationship as he is so awesome. He understands the pressure I've been under and is willing to deal with having a spastic girlfriend. He came in town to visit and we talked. Things are much better.

Yesterday we went into the basement, the dungeon, for my punishment.

He removed my shirt and bra, put my wrists in the cuffs suspended from the ceiling and used my shirt to cover my eyes. He began with a bare handed spanking over my jeans, scratching my back and biting the flesh above my collar bone. I moaned and whimpered as his teeth and nails dug into me. He then began beating me with my wooden switch. There was no slow build like he usually does. But it wasn't the pain that made me cry, it was the fact that I had been such a jerk and freaked out and put him through this. Yet, even with the heartache of hurting someone I love, being bound and beaten was turning me on... my panties were becoming rather moist.

He removed my pants and my dripping panties then continued spanking me with his hand. His hand slid between my legs and he fingered my clit. He grabbed the switch, slid a finger up inside me and began swatting my ass lightly. The switch hit harder as his thumb found my clit and he slid another finger in and out of me. He paused to come around and nibble on my nipples. He bit hard, causing me to cry out. He continued biting and chewing at my breasts for a while as I squirmed and panted high pitched whines.

Grabbing the rubber flogger, he flicked me several times before going back to spanking. He paused and kissed my mouth then pulled away. I stood there for a few seconds, naked and trembling as my ass cheeks throbbed. A cooling liquid was squeezed onto my lower back and dripped down over my ass. After the momentary surprise, it felt soothing. He rubbed it around gently, cooling my butt then slid a finger into my anus. He slathered more lube onto my ass. I moaned, cumming as he plunged his finger deeper into me.

I heard him slide his pants off with his other hand as he worked a bit more lube up in me before pressing his penis into me. Very gently, he plunged in as he rubbed my clit with his non-lubed hand. Fingernails clawed into my ribs and teeth bit my shoulder as his thrusting found a rhythm. I howled in ecstasy cumming over and over again until he was cumming with me.

After he took me down he said, "Now no more calling yourself a jerk." I nodded as we kissed.

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