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Friday, September 5, 2008

Anal Play

I'm squimish about anything to do with anal play. I've only just recently become comfortable having anal sex with the Philosopher & posting about it was a HUGE step for me. But for a long time, it was something I wouldn't even consider doing. The Philosopher & I talked quite a bit before he even attempted to touch me there. He was very gentle and patient with me... the only way to be when dealing with something so delicate.

My issue with anal mostly stems from the fact that I had a guy try to anally rape me several years back. We were having sex so he assumed anal penetration was fine. When I said no, he pinned me down and forced entry without any lube. He ripped me up a bit before I managed to throw him off and slam him against the wall. I was so angry! While holding him down, which had to have been funny to see since he was taller, broader and much more muscular than I, I gave him a long lecture, with intermittent slapping for his being such a prick. I told him no means NO in any language (the lecture was mostly in Spanish) and just because someone gave him the gift of their body on one occasion, it doesn't mean he had the freedom to do whatever he damn well pleased no matter what they said. And if I EVER heard of him doing such a thing again, I'd come back and chop his dick off.
By the end of the lecture, he was sniveling and profusely apologizing and begging for my forgiveness... which I wouldn't give. He even called me a few times after that, but there was NO WAY I was going to give him any satisfaction. (I just hope the lecture stuck.)

For a long time, someone unexpectedly pressing just the tip of a finger against my rear opening would get them kicked or punched or simply thrown off the bed. I've come a long way from my feelings of violence towards anything to do with anal to where I enjoy it (with the right partner and loads of trust) and I'm willing to write about it.


norokrex said...

Oh geeze. Nin, thats horid. Double Kudos for being able to write about it *in public* I mean thats the kind of thing i'd put behind LJ locks and such.

Ninian said...

Thanks for the Double Kudos!

It's not easy, but one of the things I promised myself when I started writing this blog that I would confront the taboos in my life.

My crumby cleavage is on display for all to see! (Dude, I so need to get some pictures of my cleavage with crumbs in it.) ;P

Sheathen said...

So apparently that's where the violence button is.....

Ninian said...

Now you know. ;P