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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Even gay men like boobs"

This statement has been made on more than one occasion to me by, well, a gay man. Actually, more than one gay man has made a statement like that to me. They give some quick comment about how breastfeeding conditioned them to like boobs or how they just like them aesthetically. Personally, I adore boobs, breasts, titties, racks... whatever you want to call 'em, any shape or size, I think they're great. I like to touch and fondle (mine & others) and lick and suck. They're fun to play with, to lay on, to brush up against...

But what's so great about boobs?

There are a significant number of websites on just boobs. Here are a few of the free blog dedicated to boobs:
(Okay, so the last one isn't just about boobs, but it has naked breasts and it's just fun.)
- Is a website for the Topfree Equal Rights Association, a movement that "helps women who encounter difficulty going without tops in public places in Canada and the USA, and informs the public on this issue." One of the thing that this website addresses is how as soon as they hit puberty, and sometimes earlier, girls are shamed into covering their chests even in situations & places where boys & men are allowed to go topless. (This is mostly in the USA, but there are places throughout the world where the exposure of breasts are shunned.)
This attitude often leaves woman with weird relationships with their own bodies. As if there's not enough mental anxiety over body images!

I am sad for women who don't enjoy their own breasts. Hell, I'm sad for anyone who doesn't enjoy their own body! Of course we don't all look like models. It would be sad if we did. We are unique individuals with delightfully different bodies including our boobs!!

I must admit, I'm still perplexed as to why the statement, "even gay men like boobs" is true.*

* I realize that there are gay men & others who don't like boobs,
so the truth is in that there are gay men who like boobs.

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swingcouple said...

Gay men still appreciate the female form - but what would I know? I'm only bisexual!

Geoff X