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Sunday, September 14, 2008

the Professor & Friends

I am glad that the Professor & I started seeing each other before my trust was broken. It's weird, when I was mono, I wouldn't even consider pursuing someone else this close to a break-up. But being with the Artist changed that drastically 'cause while we're not sexually involved, I couldn't just hide in a hole and expect her to "understand" even though she does. We take care of each other... emotionally &, in some ways, physically. So since I'm poly and a relationship had already begun, I'm not about to set it aside until I sort through my emotional issues 'cause that wouldn't be fair to the Professor since what we have has nothing to do with the relationship(s) that ended.

And what can I say about the Professor except that he's pretty freakin' awesome? Even though we had started to become sexually involved before my relationships with the philosopher and the photographer ended, he was respectful and understanding about my need to back off and slow things down. We haven't stopped things 'cause he's super yummy to cuddle and kiss, but he is also becoming a friend. And right now, it's so good to have friends.

I have been very fortunate in that department. I have some wonderfully understanding & supportive friends. I appreciate them more than I can even express.

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