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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wear Panties! - fiction (part 3)

Mack, who had disappeared, trotted back into the front hall where Underwood was standing. He smacked Underwood’s shoulder, almost knocking him down, and grinned. “I’m gonna go find Carl. I might, uh, be a while. Why don’t you relax,” he thrust a red plastic cup into his new friend’s hand and motioned to the party going on just past the room they were facing and through two large glass French doors. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll find you when I’ve got the panties.” He winked then practically skipped up the stairs.

Underwood wandered further into the house, coughing as the air’s acrid mix of smoke, booze and hormones wafted into his lungs. A lonely strobe light lay on its side and flashed against the wood paneling of a far wall. On a different rhythm, the bass bounced the loose floorboards and cups just like his with varying degrees of beer graced almost every surface. The room he’d wandered into, while cluttered with mismatched furniture including a life sized golem statue, seemed to be pretty empty as the actual party was outside with the keg. Despite the loud music, he could hear shouting, laughing and even singing. He thought about going out there, but the idea of being around that many people made him nauseous.

I’ll just wait right here, he thought taking a sip of the stale keg beer. His boots were sticking to the floor, so he made his way across a rainbow shag rug to a large plush couch the color of moss set in the middle of the room. Settling into it, he noticed a faint odor of urine. He was facing a cluttered media center that held a huge TV, multiple games and DVDs and the booming twelve disk CD changer. As the rotation of music switched from one CD to another, Underwood sighed and drank his beer.

KUR-ACK! Underwood jumped sloshing beer down his gray shirt and onto the couch.

“Oh shit, shit, shit, shit!” He hopped up; his eyes wide as he tried to see into every corner of the large dimly lit room. Fortunately, there was only one couple making out in a corner oblivious to the rest of the world and a green haired person passed out in another corner. He scurried past the French doors where he caught a glimpse of oddly dressed partygoers setting off fireworks. Finding the kitchen he marveled at how much better lit, furnished and immaculately clean it was. It didn’t look like it belonged in the same house as that dingy living room. He cleaned himself off in the sink, grabbed a handful of paper towels and hurried back to the couch.

It took a moment to even find the spill. Once he did, he wiped at it furiously. But while the paper towel did absorb some of the liquid, it seemed to do a better job of shredding into little wormy looking things.

“Oh shit,” he sighed, picking the bits of paper off the fabric. One bit kept getting away from him, sliding between the cushions as he tried to pull it up. If he had been in the house where he was pledging, he knew the punishment for spilling was to clean the entire room the mess happened in with a toothbrush. He had no desire to clean this room. Yanking up the cushion, he brushed the last of the paper towel remnants off, flipped it over and shoved the wad of moist paper into his cup.

“There,” he muttered, “That’ll have to do.” He sat back down and faced the blank television screen, determined not to do anything else that might get him in trouble.

After a few minutes, his eyes wandered to something lying next to his boot. Leaning down to get a better look, he realized that it was a pair of neon green lacy panties. They must’ve been shoved in the couch and come loose when he flipped the cushion. He picked them up.

As soon as his skin touched the delicate fabric, he felt a tingle. It was as if the surface of his fingers were getting little pulses of energy then going numb. The sensation traveled up his arms, to his head and chest, down his abdomen, into his legs and feet then up the back of his legs, over his ass and into his spine. The feeling traveled through his body three or four times, each time faster and faster, until the numbing coalesced in his balls. He doubled over as it changed and became sharp pinpricks that throbbed and shot through his penis causing him to cum in his pants without the pleasurable sensation of an orgasm. Holding his crotch, he whimpered, glad that the party was outside and Mack was upstairs.

Then he passed out.


the professor said...

Still going great! Getting closer to Underwood's powers...

The most active moment in the scene is the word "KUR-ACK!" at which Underwood spills his beer. We never get an explanation of what that word relates to....

Ninian said...

Thanks professor!

The sound is a fire work going off. (In the next paragraph, "He scurried past the French doors where he caught a glimpse of oddly dressed partygoers setting off fireworks.") Perhaps I need to change it to "... setting off the fireworks that was causing all the noise..." or something?)

The Professor said...

That might fix it, or something like "a sound like a car backfiring right next to his ear caused him to jump two feet in the air, his drink spraying like a fountain..." and then we get the explanation in the next paragraph...I never connected the two...