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Monday, October 13, 2008

Wear Panties! - fiction (part 4)

Underwood woke-up not sure where he was. He had a throbbing headache and an aching jaw. Lying on the floor, it slowly came to him that he was on the rug next to the manky couch and the green haired person from the corner was sprawled face down. He blinked. The music had stopped and daylight was coming in through the French doors.

“Oh shit.” He jumped up and… tripped over green hair’s shapely leg. He fumbled trying to put the green high heel he’d knocked off back on. “I’m so sorry ma’me.”

“’da fuck man?” Green hair’s soft words were muffled by the couch cushion. As green hair fliped over, Underwood noticed a pert breast peaking out from the side of an oversized green vest. He stared. Green hair cocked an eyebrow. “What?”

Underwood lowered his head and mumbled sorry as he tried to get to his feet. But his legs were wobbly and he ended up falling forward.

“Oh sweety!” Green hair was immediately by Underwood’s side helping him onto the couch. “You must of drunk even more than I did. I tell ya, I was wasted before the party even began.” A burst of laughter shook the vest wide open, revealing two perfect A cup as the skirt rode up, revealing the tip of a penis. Green hair followed Underwood’s gaze. “What? Is it the breasts or my dick?” A grin met Underwood’s blush. “Here, let me set your mind at ease. The name’s Bernice and I’m a male to female trans so the pronoun you’ve been sweating over would be her or she. But honestly, I’ll answer to whatever.” She snickered. Looking down at herself, Bernice gasped. “Look at me sitting around without any…” She grabbed the neon green panties off the ground and pulled them on under her skirt. Pausing, she narrowed her eyes on Underwood. “I don’t remember hardly anything last night but did you happen to see someone going down on me?”

Underwood pursed his lips, feeling how sore his jaw was, tasting the saltiness in his mouth and shook his head.

Bernice shrugged. “Oh well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a busy day.” Bernice pecked Underwood on the cheek. “See ya around.” She stumbled towards the front door, adjusting the strap of her left heel, grabbed a green purse from the banister and flew out the door.

“There you are!” Mack wandered into the room with a plastic bag in his hand. “I’ve got the panties and it’s morning so let’s get back to the house pronto!”

Underwood nodded and walked over to the door. He wondered if he’d ever know what had happened that night.


Max said...

great blog

swingcouple said...

Liking this very much, and can't wait to see what happens next!

the professor said...

Ah, we still have no solution to the mystery of what happens when he touches panties...keeping the suspense building!

I think maybe I'd like Green Hair described in more detail as Underwood first sees her... I appreciate the delicious mystery of the "two A cup(s)" and the tip of the penis, but I had to reread that part twice to be able to visualize how that worked with the skirt and the vest.

Pacing is still very good...liking how this is building and developing and we're getting to know more characters!