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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wear Panties! - fiction (part 5)

Sheri-Lynn squinted in the bright sunlight as she gently pulled at the loose end of the red bow and took off the top off of the pink box. She clasped her well manicured hands over her mouth and squealed. A couple of starlings flew from the tree beside their outside table.

“Oooh Daniel!” She crooned, lifting the lacy pink sheer panties out if the blue tissue paper. “They’re sooooooo pretty! And just my color!” She hopped up from her chair and minced to the other side of the little bistro table and kissed the blushing muscle-bound boy. She whispered in his ear. “I’ll go put them on.” She winked her heavy mascara laden eye, twirled the panties on her lacquered nail and minced her way into the restaurant section scattering pigeons before her.

She slipped into the bathroom stall and slid the cotton white panties she had been wearing off and sang, “don’t need you anymore!” then tossed them in the trash. Giggling, she slid the new pair on. But before she’d gotten her pink stilettos back on, something that felt like a tongue was licking her clit. “What the…” A sucking sensation threw her back onto the toilet before the thought was completed. She felt the tongue penetrate her.

“Oh my!” Sheri-Lynn had never had an incredibly sensitive clit, but this… this was different. It felt so good it hurt, as if she would be ripped in two. She braced herself against the stall walls as an orgasm exploded through her. A flood of sensation flowed over and up through her loins. She moaned and groaned and screamed.

Outside, Daniel heard Sheri-Lynn’s scream and practically knocked over the wrought iron table in his hurry to reach his lady. Pushing past the little man in his path into the bathroom.

“Get out of the way!” He roared, exploding through the door. Seeing one of her feet sticking out from under the stall, he practically ripped the metal door off its hinges. “Baby!” He wailed. He gathered his shaking, drooling girlfriend into his arms. “Who did this to you?”

“The panties,” she whispered before she passed out.


Picking himself up off the floor of the bistro where the bull man had pushed him, Underwood brushed himself off and licked his lips. He smiled.

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