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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is the purpose of dating?

On the polyamory community blog that I read they referenced this article: 10 things NOT to say on a first date. While the focus for the community was on the the advise not to share that you are poly on a first date*, I found the entire article to be rather distasteful. But then I got to thinking... Perhaps my view of what dating is for is different than the author of this article and possibly different from many others as well. Personally, I see dating, especially a first date, as way of not only finding what is in common with this potential romantic entanglement, but also a venue in which to weed out the undesirable.

This is my question for you, dear readers. If you date, what is your purpose for dating?

*'cause it should have come up before that... right?
Not the article's point, but my thought about it.

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Anonymous said...

Simple. First dates, like all dates, to have fun and perhaps if the chemistry is there, have sex. Good hot sex. Lots of it. One of my screens is whether she cums when we have that first sex. If she doesn't, well, it may be a while before we try again.