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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life focus

Dear Readers,

As you may or may not have noticed, I've not been keeping a regular writing schedule. There are several excuses... I mean, reasons for this, but the most time consuming is that I'm in the process of changing several aspects of my life's focus and completely changing my career. If all goes well, I'll have everything sorted and settled by next week. If things do not go well, I'll probably cry, get over it, dust myself off, reevaluate the situation and see what else is out there for me... and take a little bit longer to get back to some semblance of a regular writing schedule.

One of my reasons for all these changes is to have more time to write & more time for the business aspects of writing. You know, little things like keeping up with my blog and sending my writing out to be published.

I thank you, dear readers, for your understanding and patience. Without you, this is merely an exercise. I love the feedback I get here and look forward to all the wonderful comments!

Your faithful (yet distracted) author,


N.G.K. said...

I found this an uplifting post. We all need to shake up our lives from time to time. Mind you, I'm the worst at actually doing that, but it's good to see someone doing it. Good luck on your writing, hard work counts for so much and you seem to be setting yourself up for that, but luck never hurts.

Gobs of good wishes!

Ninian said...

Awww N.G.K., thanks for your awesome comment! I feel all warm and fuzzy. Good luck to you too!