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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bondage for Beginners

The last time I was with someone who hadn't had much experience with bondage was when I was dating Toe. But the thing with Toe was everything was new to him. I was the one who deflowered the boy... but that's another post for another time.

With Crumpet, I have a man who is already an experienced and an amazing lover. And while he'll on occasion hint at sexual innocence, I don't quite buy it. He's too confident & secure in his sexual prowess. Plus, he's incredibly fun in bed! Now don't get me wrong, as I understand it, his uncertainty lies in that he's not had as many partners as I've had and his venture into the realm of kink has been limited... though there are some things he's told me about that he didn't necessarily consider kink but I would. Semantics.

He told me, he was interested in being tied up. He told me, the idea of bondage excited him. He told me, he trusted me.

I happen to have a wonderful product called Bondage Tape. It looks and feels a bit electrical tape but it's not sticky and it clings to itself. It doesn't pull out hair. It's similar to saran wrap that way.

He was lying on his back, naked in my bed. I bound his wrists above his head.

"Can you break it?" I whispered in his ear. He moved his hands, trying to get free. After a few seconds of struggling, he shook his head. I kissed his mouth. "Good." I kissed, nibbled and scratched my way down his body. Then I wrapped his ankles as well. Once he was secured, I tickled him. Crumpet is a deliciously ticklish man. Sharp nailed scratches made him writhe between crunched up giggling.

"Roll over," I breathed. He did so. I'd decided to give him a massage. Reaching under my bed, I grabbed my goody basket. But I couldn't find the massage oil. I did find some lube and I thought, it's wet and it's cool.... So I used it. The problem being, lube gets kinda sticky. Not the affect I was going for.

"I'll be right back," I said, scurrying off to the bathroom. I quickly grabbed a towel, got it damp and hurried back. The towel was a bit cold, so his gasps from that as I cleaned the lube off his back were quite lovely. But I still felt kinda foolish even though he had no idea about my error.

After drying his back, I proceeded to scratch him up nicely. I thought about spanking and/or whipping him, but decided that since those sensations would also be new to him, I would save them for another time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

His House

For our third date, I went to Crumpet's house. He was watching his daughters since their mother had her own date in the city. Now I must confess, the prospect of meeting the kids is a bit intimidating. I mean, after all, I’ve turned folks down because they have children and here I was about to spend an evening with the kids of a guy I’d only had two dates with.

So I took a page from the Firebird’s book (she’ll often bring feathers and ribbons and shiny things for children) and, because I collect hats, brought a few hats for the girls to play with. There was also a ribbon, a lighted necklace and a bracelet too tiny for me. I needn’t have worried, the girls and I got along really well.

After the girls’ bedtime, Crumpet and I hung out on the couch just talking and kissing. Then we headed into the bedroom. The room was gorgeous! Crumpet’s wife had done it up in a Moroccan motif. But I felt a little weird crawling in their bed. After all, when I dated Puck, he and his wife had a rule against either of them having sex in their bed without the other spouse being involved. Also, the Artist’s boyfriend, Plus, & his wife reserve their bed for them alone.

But that’s not the arrangement Crumpet & his wife have. They share their bed. I probably would have stayed out in the living room but for two reasons: (a) I had to work early the next morning and I don't sleep so well in foreign places especially if there's not a bed. & (b) the boy makes me horny. (I'll admit it... just being around him gets my panties moist.)

We took our time that night and slowly explored each others bodies with hands and mouths and eyes. Everything was slow and sensual and extremely sexy. We talked and cuddled and had some mind-blowing amazing sex. I was concerned about the puddle I made on their bed, but he assured me he'd take care of it. I'm not quite sure what it is about his technique that does it, but just having somewhat vanilla sex with this man has me writhing and orgasming over and over again until I cascade like a fountain.

And all this without any kink thrown in... yet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reflections on Crumpet

Crumpet and I started e-mailing back in December. He recognized the picture I had as the same one I’d posted for the Poly meetup group we both belonged to. After the initial e-mail exchange, we actually met in person at the January Poly Pot Luck. He was there with his wife and daughters and I was there with the Artisit.

The first thing I noticed was that he wasn’t just cute like I thought he was in his pictures; he was deliriously adorable. Yet he was shy and quiet, so I didn’t really get to know him. To be fair, I wasn’t talking much either. I tend not to be too chatty in larger groups. Besides, the Artist was there and she is a fantastic conversationalist. Crumpet’s wife is also exceedingly fascinating. Their girls were amazingly well behaved. It was lovely to watch parents who deal with their kids so well.

Even though I wasn’t dating, I was intrigued. We exchanged a few more e-mails in January and chatted a bit, but then communication dropped off in February. I knew he’d started dating someone else and, while I was enjoying our fun exchanges, I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I figured, if we do become friends, it would be a slow process. There were a few other gatherings I could have gone to and possibly seen him (including one at his place), but with my new work schedule & my desire to hibernate during the winter, I just wasn't up for it.

Then, towards the end of March, he sent me an e-mail and the conversation began again. He gives good e-mail. He later told me that he kinda-maybe-sorta remembered that I was planning to date in the Spring. He’d also read my Musings on being Child Free post which I’d kinda-maybe-sorta posted with him in mind… which he commented on. After a few exchanges and getting back to chatting online, we were in deep flirt. There was obviously an attraction. I thought about being patient & wait to see how long it took him to ask me out. After all, he wasn't the only guy I was flirting with. But I realized that I didn't want to wait. Patience be damned! I asked him out.


Monday evening I wrote this:

I am sitting in the Firebird’s Aerie, writing along side her as she writes.
We do this.
The Firebird is currently on her own path of passion. She is experimenting… playing a May game in which she has four different dates with four different men all in the same month. Thus far, there are three. The first is the man she has known and been friends with. She asked him out. Then the man she met briefly who went out of his way to find her again. The third is a friend of a friend. The Firebird’s friend wanted them to meet in only a sideways attempt at playing matchmaker. And there will be a fourth.
I admire the Firebird. She sets a challenge for herself and accepts her own challenge. I know she will succeed in this endeavor because she is The Firebird. I aspire to be as audacious as she.

And speaking of audacity, dear readers, I should bring you up to date on the happenings with my delectable (de-LICK-able) Crumpet. And yes, I do call him mine. It’s a funny thing with Polyamory… A person can belong to you in the sense of “being apart of your life” and still belong to another. It’s beyond sharing… something I haven’t yet the vocabulary for, but it’s beautiful, whatever it’s called. Compersion comes close. But it’s more than the feeling of glee when your lover is with another lover… in fact, it’s more than emotion. It’s an honor and a privilege… And now I’m rambling…

I had initially intended to write about every single date. A kind of experiment of my own to see if I could do it. I got as far as the second date & got, shall we say, distracted. Well, that and I got busy. Life, you know? Though I wonder if that’s all entirely true. There is a part of me that just wanted to be selfish and keep him all to myself… at least for a while. Though I knew it wouldn’t last forever. For even though I am not an exhibitionist in person, I am one in words. I adore displaying my amorous escapades for the world to read. I want everyone to celebrate and luxuriate in the things I do to, with and for my lovers.

This week, I will write... every day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Second Date, Double Date

"Most guys bring flowers, I bring crumpets." Crumpet smirked as he handed me a package. There was a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. We hugged and came further into the house.

Honestly, I'm not one for flowers. They die. But something yummy to eat? Cleaver. It made me smile. (Later, when I had a chance to eat a crumpet, I found that they’re quite delicious, just like Crumpet. Mmmmmm, I'd like to butter him...)

I had rushed home to take a shower and get dressed before Crumpet arrived. I succeeded... mostly. I was still sans socks and my hair was wet and unbrushed. We sat on the couch and talked, actually talked. To have a conversation about nothing in particular was delightful. There was a bit of tender touching, but not much beyond that since we were waiting for the Artist to get off work so we could get some dinner with her and her beau, Plus. We talked about Eddie Izzard and the English need to cue and Bill Bryson’s take on the British and Crumpet said he would loan me “Mother Tongue”. It’s only the second date and he’s already talking about sharing his books with me. *swoon* I love books!

He joked that we should once again be making out in the same position the Artist saw him last. I thought it was funny, but the conversation was too interesting to stop… even for something I was yearning to do.

The Artist arrived, looking lovely as usual. Since Crumpet was in a loaner car, we took the Beetle and he sat in back. The Artist offered to let us sit together in the back, but I have a quirk about being chauffered around. It would have been nice to cuddle in the back, but it’s just not my style.

We met Plus at the Olive Garden. The dinner was lovely. Plus shared amusing anecdotes about his coworkers and there was a familiar banter to our conversation. Crumpet even easily joined it. This thrilled me. It’s important to me that the person I’m dating gets along with my friends.

Afterwards, we went back to my place. We’d already decided that he was spending the night. It just made sense. He had to work at 7 am and he didn’t want to wake the family coming in late. I figured, it being only the second date & all, if I didn’t want him in my bed, I could find some spot in the living room for him to sleep. Of course, if things swung to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there’s always a bed down in the dungeon.

But I did want him in my bed.

I turned off the light, not because I didn’t want to see him or for any feigned modesty on my part, but because the lights in my room glare and I wanted no distraction. We stayed clothed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, with teasing flicks over lips. As I bit his lower lip, a sigh escaped him. Sucking his tongue, his body trembled. Our hands roamed over clothes until either his fingers or mine, I can’t say who went first, slipped beneath the other’s shirt, exploring skin.

At some point, our shirts and my bra came off. Hands were replaced with lips and tongues and a bit of teeth. I wanted to bite him, really bite him, to bruise him, and him me, but we hadn’t discussed markings so I was respectful… despite my desires.

I was straddling him when I made up my mind.

“We both have way too many clothes on,” I whispered.

“Do we now?” I could feel his grin.

I nodded knowing he couldn’t see me, dismounted to remove my skirt and panties. “You have a condom?”

He paused in removing his pants and I heard that distinct crinkle as he removed it before whipping off his pants. The rip and tear of the wrapper grew as I kissed him and he slid the condom on.

Straddling him again, he eased up inside me, filling me. I was already quite moist from the intense foreplay, so it didn’t take long until I was thoroughly wet.

“Your bed squeaks.” It was a statement, not a question or a concern that the Artist and Plus would hear.

I opened my mouth the say, “I should oil the hinges,” but he hit my sweet spot as I only got half the question out and the rest turned into gasps. I rode him, licking, biting, scratching… through three orgasms. We were slick with sweat.

Just as I was about to suggest that we switch positions, he said it. I rolled off him snickering.


“I just…” I couldn’t form the words. My brain was mush. “timing, ya know?”

He slid between my legs, kissing his way up my body. I guided his long hard cock inside of me, wrapping my legs around him. He pushed deeper into me as I came over and over again, my water flowing.

And he kept going… Crumpet has quite the stamina! Whenever I felt he was about to cum, he switched up the rhythm. When he finally came, I exploded one last time. He left me panting to go clean up in the bathroom. I knew I should too, but my legs were wobbly…. I wasn’t going anywhere.

He crawled back into bed and we cuddled, twisting my body away from the puddle I’d left. As I drifted to an amazingly comfortable sleep, I sighed. What a way to get back to sex!

Monday, April 6, 2009

First Date with Crumpet

A Crumpet: a savoury/sweet bread snack
A piece of crumpet: British slang A sexually desirable woman (or, in this case, man)
"yup only in england will you find that bread product = sex" ~ Crumpet
“A tasty treat with the word ‘pet’ in it? Delicious.” ~ Ninian ;)

Thursday night I had my first date with Crumpet. It was delightful!

He remembered that I liked thai food and thoughtfully suggested we get some. The food was great and the company was lovely. The one hiccup was that conversation was sparse. While we’ve chatted up a storm online and have had some fantastic email volleys, in person, he's shy and I have a tendency to sit back and observe when I'm first getting to know someone. But it was comfortable beyond my, "oh shit, I should say something. What should I talk about?" thoughts.

Afterwards, we went back to my place. The Artist was there and watched the movie Snatch with us. After the movie, we all talked for a bit. Well, actually, he and I quietly sat close as fingers and fingernails roamed over arms and hands while we listened and responded to the Artist. At one point, I ask Crumpet if I could stroke his head. He raised an eyebrow but said, “sure.” He’s mostly bald with downy hair where he’s not. His scalp is very pleasant to rub. But it felt kind of awkward, so I didn’t do it for too long. After a bit of her talking and us not so much, the Artist decided to read up in her room.

I wouldn't say we attacked each other.... but the leaning and the touching escalated until we were kissing. He’s a lovely kisser. Gentle but firm and tantalizing. We were cuddling on the couch; he’s very cuddly and the dog was getting a wee bit jealous. As I was running my nails lightly over his skin, I discovered he was ticklish. Foolishly, he revealed that he’s deathly ticklish. (Poor boy, I do like the idea of making a potential paramour squirm.)

At some point, the Artist came downstairs to get something from the kitchen. We didn’t even pause. I could tell he enjoyed her wandering through. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist & later told me that I bring it out in him. Plus, he liked the idea of possibly embarrassing her. Cheeky Crumpet!

Before the date, I decided that we weren’t going to have sex. I hadn’t decided whether or not I was going to take him up to my room. But as much as I was enjoying groping like teenagers in heat, the sofa was becoming less and less comfortable.

I made up my mind and asked him, “would you like to come up to my room,” I put my finger to his lips, “with the caveat of no sex?” He nodded enthusiastically.

I set my alarm since he had to be at work hours before I did. Laying in my bed, we continued rubbing and touching and exploring each other. I rolled him onto his back and held him down, kissing and teasing him. It delighted me how much he liked that.

At some point, he asked if it would be okay if he removed his shirt. To which I responded, “If you remove your shirt, I’m just gonna have to remove mine.” He was okay with that. Next, his belt came off. A belt is like a bra – the belt holds up his pants, the bra holds up my boobs – so off came my bra.

He’s a nipple nibbler. Which is good, cause I like that. Two day later, my tender breasts would make me grin and flush, thinking of him. Speaking of flushing… did I mention he blushes beautifully? Yeah, I like that.

At some point, we snuggled alongside each other and fell asleep. I actually slept. And not only that, but I slept well and deep. When my alarm went off, the cuddling and kissing began all over again. I didn’t want him to leave, he didn’t want to leave… it was a very good first date.