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Monday, April 6, 2009

First Date with Crumpet

A Crumpet: a savoury/sweet bread snack
A piece of crumpet: British slang A sexually desirable woman (or, in this case, man)
"yup only in england will you find that bread product = sex" ~ Crumpet
“A tasty treat with the word ‘pet’ in it? Delicious.” ~ Ninian ;)

Thursday night I had my first date with Crumpet. It was delightful!

He remembered that I liked thai food and thoughtfully suggested we get some. The food was great and the company was lovely. The one hiccup was that conversation was sparse. While we’ve chatted up a storm online and have had some fantastic email volleys, in person, he's shy and I have a tendency to sit back and observe when I'm first getting to know someone. But it was comfortable beyond my, "oh shit, I should say something. What should I talk about?" thoughts.

Afterwards, we went back to my place. The Artist was there and watched the movie Snatch with us. After the movie, we all talked for a bit. Well, actually, he and I quietly sat close as fingers and fingernails roamed over arms and hands while we listened and responded to the Artist. At one point, I ask Crumpet if I could stroke his head. He raised an eyebrow but said, “sure.” He’s mostly bald with downy hair where he’s not. His scalp is very pleasant to rub. But it felt kind of awkward, so I didn’t do it for too long. After a bit of her talking and us not so much, the Artist decided to read up in her room.

I wouldn't say we attacked each other.... but the leaning and the touching escalated until we were kissing. He’s a lovely kisser. Gentle but firm and tantalizing. We were cuddling on the couch; he’s very cuddly and the dog was getting a wee bit jealous. As I was running my nails lightly over his skin, I discovered he was ticklish. Foolishly, he revealed that he’s deathly ticklish. (Poor boy, I do like the idea of making a potential paramour squirm.)

At some point, the Artist came downstairs to get something from the kitchen. We didn’t even pause. I could tell he enjoyed her wandering through. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist & later told me that I bring it out in him. Plus, he liked the idea of possibly embarrassing her. Cheeky Crumpet!

Before the date, I decided that we weren’t going to have sex. I hadn’t decided whether or not I was going to take him up to my room. But as much as I was enjoying groping like teenagers in heat, the sofa was becoming less and less comfortable.

I made up my mind and asked him, “would you like to come up to my room,” I put my finger to his lips, “with the caveat of no sex?” He nodded enthusiastically.

I set my alarm since he had to be at work hours before I did. Laying in my bed, we continued rubbing and touching and exploring each other. I rolled him onto his back and held him down, kissing and teasing him. It delighted me how much he liked that.

At some point, he asked if it would be okay if he removed his shirt. To which I responded, “If you remove your shirt, I’m just gonna have to remove mine.” He was okay with that. Next, his belt came off. A belt is like a bra – the belt holds up his pants, the bra holds up my boobs – so off came my bra.

He’s a nipple nibbler. Which is good, cause I like that. Two day later, my tender breasts would make me grin and flush, thinking of him. Speaking of flushing… did I mention he blushes beautifully? Yeah, I like that.

At some point, we snuggled alongside each other and fell asleep. I actually slept. And not only that, but I slept well and deep. When my alarm went off, the cuddling and kissing began all over again. I didn’t want him to leave, he didn’t want to leave… it was a very good first date.


the professor said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! So happy for you!

Sheathen said...

Cheeky Crumpet, I'm not embarrassed!

Crumpet said...

Not embarrassed? We'll see about that...