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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

His House

For our third date, I went to Crumpet's house. He was watching his daughters since their mother had her own date in the city. Now I must confess, the prospect of meeting the kids is a bit intimidating. I mean, after all, I’ve turned folks down because they have children and here I was about to spend an evening with the kids of a guy I’d only had two dates with.

So I took a page from the Firebird’s book (she’ll often bring feathers and ribbons and shiny things for children) and, because I collect hats, brought a few hats for the girls to play with. There was also a ribbon, a lighted necklace and a bracelet too tiny for me. I needn’t have worried, the girls and I got along really well.

After the girls’ bedtime, Crumpet and I hung out on the couch just talking and kissing. Then we headed into the bedroom. The room was gorgeous! Crumpet’s wife had done it up in a Moroccan motif. But I felt a little weird crawling in their bed. After all, when I dated Puck, he and his wife had a rule against either of them having sex in their bed without the other spouse being involved. Also, the Artist’s boyfriend, Plus, & his wife reserve their bed for them alone.

But that’s not the arrangement Crumpet & his wife have. They share their bed. I probably would have stayed out in the living room but for two reasons: (a) I had to work early the next morning and I don't sleep so well in foreign places especially if there's not a bed. & (b) the boy makes me horny. (I'll admit it... just being around him gets my panties moist.)

We took our time that night and slowly explored each others bodies with hands and mouths and eyes. Everything was slow and sensual and extremely sexy. We talked and cuddled and had some mind-blowing amazing sex. I was concerned about the puddle I made on their bed, but he assured me he'd take care of it. I'm not quite sure what it is about his technique that does it, but just having somewhat vanilla sex with this man has me writhing and orgasming over and over again until I cascade like a fountain.

And all this without any kink thrown in... yet.


Crumpet said...

You left a big impression on the kids, so much so that you had a pink pencil name after you and where the topic of conversation at the grandparents' dinner table

Ninian said...

Have I mentioned just how amused I am that I have a pink pencil named after me? That's pretty freakin' cool.

But being a topic of conversation at the grandparents' dinner table is totally not my fault. It's just what happens when daddy has a sleepover the night before the easter gathering. ;)