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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Second Date, Double Date

"Most guys bring flowers, I bring crumpets." Crumpet smirked as he handed me a package. There was a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. We hugged and came further into the house.

Honestly, I'm not one for flowers. They die. But something yummy to eat? Cleaver. It made me smile. (Later, when I had a chance to eat a crumpet, I found that they’re quite delicious, just like Crumpet. Mmmmmm, I'd like to butter him...)

I had rushed home to take a shower and get dressed before Crumpet arrived. I succeeded... mostly. I was still sans socks and my hair was wet and unbrushed. We sat on the couch and talked, actually talked. To have a conversation about nothing in particular was delightful. There was a bit of tender touching, but not much beyond that since we were waiting for the Artist to get off work so we could get some dinner with her and her beau, Plus. We talked about Eddie Izzard and the English need to cue and Bill Bryson’s take on the British and Crumpet said he would loan me “Mother Tongue”. It’s only the second date and he’s already talking about sharing his books with me. *swoon* I love books!

He joked that we should once again be making out in the same position the Artist saw him last. I thought it was funny, but the conversation was too interesting to stop… even for something I was yearning to do.

The Artist arrived, looking lovely as usual. Since Crumpet was in a loaner car, we took the Beetle and he sat in back. The Artist offered to let us sit together in the back, but I have a quirk about being chauffered around. It would have been nice to cuddle in the back, but it’s just not my style.

We met Plus at the Olive Garden. The dinner was lovely. Plus shared amusing anecdotes about his coworkers and there was a familiar banter to our conversation. Crumpet even easily joined it. This thrilled me. It’s important to me that the person I’m dating gets along with my friends.

Afterwards, we went back to my place. We’d already decided that he was spending the night. It just made sense. He had to work at 7 am and he didn’t want to wake the family coming in late. I figured, it being only the second date & all, if I didn’t want him in my bed, I could find some spot in the living room for him to sleep. Of course, if things swung to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there’s always a bed down in the dungeon.

But I did want him in my bed.

I turned off the light, not because I didn’t want to see him or for any feigned modesty on my part, but because the lights in my room glare and I wanted no distraction. We stayed clothed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, with teasing flicks over lips. As I bit his lower lip, a sigh escaped him. Sucking his tongue, his body trembled. Our hands roamed over clothes until either his fingers or mine, I can’t say who went first, slipped beneath the other’s shirt, exploring skin.

At some point, our shirts and my bra came off. Hands were replaced with lips and tongues and a bit of teeth. I wanted to bite him, really bite him, to bruise him, and him me, but we hadn’t discussed markings so I was respectful… despite my desires.

I was straddling him when I made up my mind.

“We both have way too many clothes on,” I whispered.

“Do we now?” I could feel his grin.

I nodded knowing he couldn’t see me, dismounted to remove my skirt and panties. “You have a condom?”

He paused in removing his pants and I heard that distinct crinkle as he removed it before whipping off his pants. The rip and tear of the wrapper grew as I kissed him and he slid the condom on.

Straddling him again, he eased up inside me, filling me. I was already quite moist from the intense foreplay, so it didn’t take long until I was thoroughly wet.

“Your bed squeaks.” It was a statement, not a question or a concern that the Artist and Plus would hear.

I opened my mouth the say, “I should oil the hinges,” but he hit my sweet spot as I only got half the question out and the rest turned into gasps. I rode him, licking, biting, scratching… through three orgasms. We were slick with sweat.

Just as I was about to suggest that we switch positions, he said it. I rolled off him snickering.


“I just…” I couldn’t form the words. My brain was mush. “timing, ya know?”

He slid between my legs, kissing his way up my body. I guided his long hard cock inside of me, wrapping my legs around him. He pushed deeper into me as I came over and over again, my water flowing.

And he kept going… Crumpet has quite the stamina! Whenever I felt he was about to cum, he switched up the rhythm. When he finally came, I exploded one last time. He left me panting to go clean up in the bathroom. I knew I should too, but my legs were wobbly…. I wasn’t going anywhere.

He crawled back into bed and we cuddled, twisting my body away from the puddle I’d left. As I drifted to an amazingly comfortable sleep, I sighed. What a way to get back to sex!

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