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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hiatus - The Good, The Bad, The Writing

The Good:
The Artist & I are heading off to the woods for some good ole Pagan camping. Crumpet and his family are going too! This is just what I need right now. There are going to be a lot of friends I haven't seen in quite a while and a great deal of frolicking. I hope to come back with an erotic tale or two.

The Bad:
This means, I'll continue to neglect this blog until sometime next week when I'm back. I hadn't intended to go quite this long without posting, but life got a bit busy.

The Writing:
In fact, I have several drafts of posts that never quite made it. I may shuffle through them for ideas for future posts. I seem to do better when I give myself specific days to post so I'm going to figure out what days would be best with my schedule. I NEED to write more! I also NEED to send more of my writing to contests & publishers.... something I'll be working on as well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impolite Conversation

Saturday was exactly a month after our first date and I was late. I hate running late! Work was short staffed & I didn't get a lunch so I didn't even have a chance to text Crumpet. But he was very patient and gracious even though he had to wait almost half an hour for me to get home.

I needed to take a shower, so I invited him to join me. We quickly removed clothes and got in under the water. Crumpet was... well, aroused. I realized, in the middle of a very passionate kiss, that this was the first time we've been naked together... vertically. This made me giggle*.
"What's funny?" He asked.
I shrugged ad kissed him some more.
We washed each other... sort of. There was really a lot more kissing and groping than washing. His skin was slick against mine and felt really good. As our bodies pressed together, I discovered the advantage of having a lover not much taller than me. Standing on my tip-toes, I could straddle his cock. I squeezed him between my thighs. He gasped and dropped the washcloth. It landed on my chest then slid down over my nipples. Startled by the sensation, I stepped back and it landed... on his dick. We both started laughing. Surprisingly, it stayed there until I removed it.

* I have a bad habit of inappropriate giggling.
I can't always explain why I'm giggling.
This makes some people nervous.
Especially lovers.

We went to dinner at the same Thai place we'd gone to a month ago. Since it was a Saturday, the place was pretty hoppin'. It didn't take long to get a table. After our food arrived, he got Pad Thai & I got Pad Woonsen, we decided to have some impolite conversation**.
Crumpet: Maybe we can make a washcloth measurement. As unto, how many washcloths a
penis can hold.
Me: But wouldn't it work better with ribbons? Though I suppose that's been done.
Crumpet: Not how many in a row, but the weight of how many before they fall off.
Me: Oh. Oh! That could be fun. Really fun!
Crumpet: Of course, there'd have to be a wet test and a dry test.
Me: Of course. Hmmmm.... I'm going to have to start collecting washcloths.
Crumpet: Yes.

** The first time we went, we had polite conversation.
From that, we talked about what would qualify
as "impolite conversation".

Afterwards, we went shopping. We'd been discussing getting him some lingerie and I decided it was time. While I've provided panties for a boy, had one wear some of mine and even had a sub go shopping for some, I'd never gone shopping with the person I was playing with. It was fun! We strolled through the "intimate apparel" and found some lovely lacy pieces. I would take each one off the rack and hold it up to him. He was almost as turned on as I was. And he was blushing... quite delicious. We finally came across a cute pair of sheer black panties with peach bows. Even though I was buying the panties for him, I made him carry them to the check out.
At home, he modeled them for me. I took pictures. When the Artist came home, I insisted he show her his present. He was hesitant, saying she wouldn't want to see. But she did, so the pants came off. He held up his shirt & spun slowly.
Artist: He barely fits in there, does he?
Me: Yeah, he's pokin' out!
He was blushing. It was very sexy.

It wasn't too much longer before I took him up to my bed.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Poly Moment

As I doubt I'm going to get a full post in tonight, what with being distracted and all, I thought I'd get up before work and post a little something since I wanted to post every day this week. (Whoever decided that must be crazy!)

Last night I was separately chatting online with Crumpet & his wife. He was being cheeky and silly and while he told me that his ego has gotten pretty inflated, I was only seeing confidence rather than arrogance. But I was online with him and not in person. His wife informed me that the ego is "out of control". We discussed getting together and figuring out a punishment for him. But after a bit of discussion, we realized that we already know a weakness and punishment really won't be all that difficult.
So we decided that we should get together just to hang out... sans the man. We didn't pick a date or time, but have plans to make plans... which I always find amusing. She's a pretty awesome woman and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Should not post while tipsy....

So I started writing a serious (well, somewhat serious... as serious as I get in this blog) post. But then the Artist came home with Hard Cider to celebrate Beltane. Happy Beltane! Kinda lost my posting momentum. And tomorrow night I have a date with Crumpet. (Damn! I wasn't going to write about him.) ;)

Tomorrow will be a month since our first date and, to honor the occasion, he's taking me to the same Thai place we went to for our first date. I know it's corny, but it makes me squee with glee that Crumpet is just as ridiculously romantic.