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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sex Toy Party

Saturday, Crumpet and I went to a sex toy party. Crumpet was wearing a skirt, he's becoming more and more comfortable out of pants, and he looked super cute. I was dressed rather gypsy-esque in my luchadora boots and silvery bell earings. The witchies, who were hosting the party, laid out quite a spread of food. I thought we were going to be late, but the woman running the event got held up in traffic and was an hour and a half late. But with good food, good drinks and fun conversation, we only noticed her tardiness because we were waiting. (That and the fact that Crumpet & I had to take off early.)

I'll confess, for the most part I wasn't terribly impressed by what was for sale. The presentation was good and conversational, but the products were mostly hetero-normative and vanilla. They did have a strap-on in the catalog, a double ended dildo & a few items that gave a nod to BDSM. But overall, the items weren't terribly exciting. (Though the "Tongue Tied" red vibrator that looked like Freddy Kruger's nose & tongue was a bit disturbing.)

There was one FANTASTIC moment. The woman who was running the event held up the black satin mask & ties from the itty-bitty bondagey part of the catalogue. She was explaining how to add a bit of kinky excitement when she looked right at me and said, "You're looking at me like I have seven heads." I'd actually been zoning out 'cause, yawn, bondage lite! I started to protest, but then she said, "you're not looking at me like most folks who are freaked out by this. No. That's a 'been there, done that' look, right?" I smirked still trying to figure out how she knew this.
And that's when I realized that I was massaging Crumpet's head rather possessively & that my body language, leaning back in the chair with my legs splayed, was a dead give away. I had to laugh!

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