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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chlamydia (part 1)

No, not the disease.

This is the name Crumpet has chosen for his schoolgirl persona. Chlamydia is 18 years old, often naughty and in need of discipline. When we play, which we're slowly getting into, I am Ms. Maphia. She's based on my forth grade teacher who just so happened to be a belly dancer and on whom I had a schoolgirl crush.

I've started writing a bit of fiction about Chlamydia & Ms. Maphia... and here's the rather rough start of it. Enjoy!

I saw the word Chlamydia written on a bathroom wall. I thought it was the most beautiful word. It was so much prettier than Cindy. I was 12. How was I to know what the word meant? And on a bathroom wall, they don't give definitions... the context was confusing. "[smeared name] has Chlamydia to share!" I thought it was an adult drink.

That was the year we got our first PC. Chlamydia9 became my secret, away from my parents, screen name and e-mail addy. In any chat room I went into, I received lots of attention. When I was Chlamedia9, I had no fear. By the time I was 16, I knew what chlamydia was and, after the initial shock, I thought it was hilarious. I had five internet boyfriends and my Chlamydia persona started seeping into my real life.

I started smoking, drinking and hanging out with the 'bad kids'. After my second expulsion, my parents sent me to Catholic school. I was 17 going on 18 and they feared I'd be arrested if I didn't straighten up. It was on my birthday when I first heard chlamydia spoken out loud in my 'abstinence only' health class. The teacher was not in the least bit amused when I burst out laughing. I got detention and was immediately sent to the Principle's office. That was the day I met Ms. Maphia... that was the day my life changed forever.