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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cross dressing party

Crumpet, when he's wearing skirts, goes commando. He sent me an e-mail asking of I think he should be panty-less as Chlamydia. I like this. It draws a line between his two personas. Crumpet is modest and shy. Chlamydia, however, is a bit of a rebel and a tart.

For his birthday, Crumpet dressed as the naughty schoolgirl Chlamydia - he had a red wig on and everything! The party his wife & I threw for him was a cross dressing party. I dressed up as Charlie. We wanted to have fun and for him to be surrounded by others dressed as the other gender. That was the idea.

Unfortunately, a lot of the invitees couldn't make it &, of those who did, only two others were cross dressed. His wife dressed as Prince Valiant and another friend, Raven, had on a fantastically colorful dress and long white wig. There was a mix up with the cake (as in, there wasn't one) so I came up with the brilliant plan to go to the store and get a cake. Prince Valiant stayed with the rest of the guests as Chlamydia, Raven & I went to the store. We were in costume and received many odd stares. A few boys burst out laughing and ribbed each other saying, "hey, isn't that your sister?" We got the cake and joked with a few other store patrons. It was great fun!

The thing that I found interesting about this venture is how a bit of Chlamydia's rebellious personality coming out. It wasn't quite as expressive as it's become in the emails he's sent me, but there was a glimmer. And for him to show it in public was quite delightful.

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