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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Musings about my Dungeon

I have a dungeon in my basement. In said dungeon is a single bed with metal postings, a St. Andrews Cross my friend the FryGuy built for me, chains hanging from the ceiling, a cage, the alter of filth and an exercise bike. I also have rubber floggers, a rope flogger, paddles, spoons, cuffs, rulers, bondage tape and some fun costumes. I have a closet I would like to fix up so that I could lock someone in it & they would only be able to watch the fun going on in the other part of the dungeon. I have a trunk of fun toys in my bedroom that I'd love to move down to the dungeon.

I want to fix up my dungeon. I’ve been waffling back and forth for years about becoming a professional Dominatrix & renting out the dungeon space. I'm still not certain that I've decided 100%, but I am much closer than I've ever been.

The pros:
1. Money for me, money for the Artist (as she is my landlady)
2. Doing what I love
3. I could make my own schedule

The cons:
1. It’ll take some money & time to fix it up & get underway
2. Another drain on my time
3. Strangers coming in and out of the house

I would like to be able to divide it into separate rooms for different scenes. The issue there is I have limited space. I also want to make it an all vegan dungeon. So far, that’s not been as hard as I feared it would be. I also want to do it as cheaply as possible. I believe I’ll be able to enlist the assistance of Crumpet & the Artist & maybe even Raven as he wants to take pictures in my dungeon.

Here is the list of what I need to do:
1. Make a business plan including a budget
2. Decide what rooms I want in my dungeon
3. List the issues -- i.e. we have some flooding, limited space, etc.
4. Make a floor plan
5. Purchase / scavenge supplies

I have a LOT of work ahead of me!


Anonymous said...

oh man, that would be so neat to hear about.

Sheathen said...

We could get the basement seepage proofed to help with the bits of flooding! We should call permaseal!