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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writing? WRITING!! For I is serious Writer!

My dear loyal readers,

Three things...

I had a dream the other night about a woman who was trapped by the fulfillment of her own fantasies. While there were erotic elements to the dream, there were horrific features as well. The dream lead to thinking which led to jotting down the idea which led to more ideas and more thinking and more jotting down and eventually I had an outline for a novel staring back up at me. I don't normally outline, but then again, I rarely finish my novels. So, perhaps, this will be the beginning of embarking on projects I actually finish. (Oh how excellent that would be!!)
The novel's working title is Sugar Daddy. So far, it's very fitting and a bit deceptive while still being dead-on.

I am also working on putting together my erotic memoir(s?). I've been writing bits and pieces of it here but currently, it has no focus. I had originally planned to call it Crumbs in my Cleavage after this blog, but the blog has taken on a life of its own and I feel that if I use that title again, it'll be for something else. The title that's currently pulling at me is, Why Not?, since that tends to be my attitude. Now I don't know the publishing world's stance on titling after an attitude, but... well, why not? ;)

For my own sanity, I'll be moving my posting days to Mondays & Fridays. I do hope to exploit my larger writings by giving glimpses of my work here. This will help me stay on task with each of these projects. Also, if it just so happens to garner your interest, that would be lovely too!
For the novel, I'm going to give it a deadline of April for the first draft since I think it will need several revisions & I would LOVE to publish it before next Samhain/Halloween.
For the memoir, I'm giving myself until the beginning of next October, just under a year. My reasoning is that even though I've got a lot of writing to draw from, I still don't feel as focused or certain about the form I want this project to take.
Starting in November, I will be sending out my erotic short story fiction as well as stand alone shorter clips of memoir material for publication.

I will, of course, post updates on my progress. I do sooooo much better when I'm accountable to someone(s) other than myself.

Thank you for reading!


Crumpet said...

I shall take great pleasure in holding you. Accountable, that is. Now go write for me!

Ninian said...

*Tilts head*

Awww!!! He's so cute when he thinks he can order me around!