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Monday, November 9, 2009

For my birthday...

When Crumpet came over for my birthday on Saturday, he left 2 notes on my night-stand. One was sealed & the other was not. I opened the unsealed one and it read:

Nov 7th 2009

My name is Kim and I know you are a very good person in need of a hardworking housekeeper and maid. I am very good cleaner and I work for very little and do everything you say me to do. I not grumble or complain like other people and I know you will be very happy with me.

I do not make much sound and I not speak English too good but I can listen and understand a little and will know what to say and want me to do.

I had worked in other places and all the people were caring and lovely and I made their home look tidy and smell good and they said they were happy that I was their house maid and did not want me to go away.

I will work with a smile and be very happy no matter how much chores you give to me. So if you want me to be your maid you will not regret it.

Your servant.


The sealed envelope had a reference for "Kim". Her previous employer treated her with a stern hand and would punish her severely for the slightest transgressions doing things like spanking, humiliating and embarrassing her. When there was no more use for her, she would be kept tightly bound and blindfolded in a closet. She would not speak unless spoken to, was not allowed to make eye contact, was only allowed to sit on the floor, had to wear her maid outfit at all times and she had to obey every command.

Tuesday night, I hope to have a trial run with Kim and see if she's everything she's been built up to. I already have the chores & punishments in mind. I'm so excited!!

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