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Friday, February 19, 2010

Annoyed at myself rant

Yesterday I didn't post. I did do some writing, but it wasn't erotic, so no posty-posty. I promised myself to write today. During the day, at work, I came up with the best idea of what I would write about. I planned to jot it down... as soon as I had a moment. Only I never did have a moment. And the day was migraneous, causing my head not to be a reliable place for storing ideas. So nothing was jotted and, no matter how much I try to jog my memory, it won't come back. (Incidentally, I've always found the phrase "jog my memory" to be rather odd. Why not jolt or something like that?) So once again, today has no post. Or, rather, since this kinda qualifies as a post, no post of substance.

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