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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cast of characters

SO I've been writing in this blog for just over two years now and a friend pointed out that I've never done a list of the people in my life. As I use aliases for everyone, this might be a worthwhile venture. (Or it might just be confusing... we'll see!!) One thing I'm not doing is listing EVERYONE I've ever written about. This is merely the cast of characters currently in my life.

Mistress Ninian - Why that's me, of course!
little one - my sub side
Ms. Mafia - my lascivious school teacher persona

Artist - One of my dearest & oldest friends. She is my hetero-lifemate for whom I'd do just about anything.
Sir - Same woman, but as the dom to me as 'little one'. This is a rather new development.

Crumpet - my boyfriend
Chlymedia - Crumpet's naughty teenage persona
Kim - Crumpet's obedient maid persona

Firebird / Gypsy - my longtime friend who's an amazing writer & actress (I'm not quite sure how she ended up with two names, but it's fitting for her.)

Freak Family - A group of friends, including the Artist, Plus, his wife, her boyfriend, his wife and me, who is working towards building a close knit community.

Seamstress - Crumpet's wife

Plus - the Artist's boyfriend

FryGuy - a friend I met camping who lives in Ohio & one of the folks in charge of LaGarou's CampOUT

Lady Hawk - another writerly friend

Wolf - a writerly friend I had a bit of a fling with a while ago

Feel free to comment if there is someone else you want to know more about or if there is someone I neglected to mention.


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