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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Readers,

The other day, Sir asked me when I was posting next.
I replied, "I just posted. Did you not see the one on cunnilingus?"
To this she rolled her eyes and moaned, "That was like yesterday. I want MORE!!!"
To which I replied with quivering lip, "Bu-but*, I'm trying to post twice a week and I'm doing okay with that so far... I think."
She snorted and walked away.
*fine, there was no stuttering
nor was my lip quivering.
I just thought it'd be more
dramatic that way.

This got me to thinking. Part of my hesitancy to post every day stems from the fact that I fear my posts will lack in substance. However, I've noticed that even when I don't post every day, I still have posts that are... well, flaccid. Does this mean I shouldn't post unless I'm wet when I read my own words? No. I'd have a lot less entries if that were the case. Everything here does not have to be polished & pretty, nor does it have to be pussy dripping or boner making... that's for paid publications. So, dear readers, I am challenging myself to offer up my words daily. *eek!*

I am quite certain Sir will be more than happy and exceedingly able to hold me to my challenge as she is one of the fastest readers I know. Hmmmmm... now I'm wondering what punishment she will dole out if I do not meet this goal. I just hope it has nothing to do with balloons. *shudder* (OOOOOhhhh! I think I've got tomorrow's topic!) :D

In other news, I'm scouring Fetlife to find places to post my writing and promote my blog. I'm also working towards getting the blog organized in such a way that anyone could easily find entries by topic. Any suggestions are most appreciated!

And publications... if you have any leads on erotic publications, I would be as delighted as a toe curling orgasm if you shared them with me.

Thank you,


Jonathan said...

It probably isn't exactly what you're looking for, and it's probably a bit late for this year, but I get the feeling I'd really enjoy hearing you read short pieces at the Dirty Show in Detroit.

Ninian said...

Oooooh! Tell me more about this! If I can't do it this year, maybe I can another year.