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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Excuse me.... I must go masturbate

Sometimes, life gets overwhelming. Too much going on in my head, too much going on around me, too much I can't change, too much change lurking in the shadows. The worst is when my thoughts are a whirlwind and I cannot make sense of any of it. But if I take a long hot bath then masturbate and catch a quick nap, not necessarily in that order, I am soothed and distracted enough for my thoughts to settle and things once again start to make sense.

I was thinking how much easier life would be if I could just pop out of the hectic every day to do just that. It works really well on days I'm not working at my job and merely working on my writing or some other at home type thing on my days off. I just don't think it would go over all that well at work. "Excuse me, I must go masturbate before we continue this conversation." I'm guessing that no amount of assurance that I will come back renewed & better able to deal with the BS will make up for the inappropriateness. Oh well.... such is life. ;)

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