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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exerpt #2 from my novel in progress "Sugar Daddy" (fiction)

This is a scene between Margaret, the gagged maid, and Charlie.

Once we were in my bedroom, Margaret’s grip on my wrist tightened as she dragged me to the foot of the bed. She sat down, pulled me over her knee and flipped my nightgown up over my head in one smooth move. My pink panties with bows all over them were quickly around my knees and she began smacking each cheek with such force I knew I was going to bruise. I squirmed and tried to put my hand in her way to stop her from spanking so hard. She merely grabbed my hand and pulled it up to the middle of my back.

“Ow! That hurts!”

“It’s supposed to.” Her voice was gentle but deep. I realized she wasn’t gagged. I twisted my head to look up at her unfettered mouth. As if reading my mind, she commented to the tempo of her hits. “I am only required to be gagged in His presence.”

I managed to squirm away a few times, but she’d just pull me back and start all over again. After what seemed like a rhythmic eternity of flesh smacking flesh until I ached all over and begged and pleaded with her to stop with my legs kicking the air, she stopped.

Or rather paused.

My left arm was trapped between our bodies and my right arm was numb from being held at such a sharp angle. She stood me up and I sighed with relief thinking we were done. But then she turned me and with the ribbon from her hair, she tied my wrists together behind my back. Once again, she positioned me onto her lap in such a way that my ass was pointing up to the sky. Only this time, she put one leg over my legs, trapping me next to her crotch. I was surprised to feel something pressing against my hip, but before I could say anything, the beatings began again… with a large wooden spoon she’d pulled out of her apron pocket.

“Ow! No! Stop! Please!” I could feel bruises blossoming on top of each other.

“No stop please? Well, if you insist. I will not stop… yet.”

The hits came faster and harder until I was crying. I heard a crack then felt a sharp pain. Margaret dropped me off her lap.

“Oh crap. Are you okay?”

I looked up at her from the floor and saw that the spoon was broken. Where the handle met the ladle, it had cracked and some of the wood had splintered out. There was a red smear on the wood. I blinked, realizing it was my blood.

Margaret had me roll over onto my belly and inspected my ass. “Oh sweety! It looks like you got a splinter. Let’s get you into the shower and I’ll get the tweezers.” As we went into the bathroom, she untied me, taking off my panties and my gown leaving it in a trail behind us. She had me lean over the edge of the bathtub so that she could remove the splinter.


“Hold still or I’ll never get it out.”

“I’m gonna tell,” I threatened through gritted teeth. She held the tweezers in front of my face with the offending piece of wood. I stood up straight rubbing my ass.

“There. You’re such a brat! I’m so glad He said I could do what I wanted with you.” She smiled wickedly then began removing her uniform.

I hopped into the tub, my eyes wide. “What’re you doing?”

She folded the dress and apron neatly then placed them on the back of the toilet. Sitting down to remove her shoes and stockings, she raised an eyebrow. “If I’m giving you a shower, I’m climbing in with you and I am not about to get my uniform wet.” She had small pert breasts that I couldn’t stop looking at. That is, until her erect penis popped out of her panties.

“You… what… I thought…” My mouth hung open from the unfinished thoughts.

Her wicked smile pulled high and tight as her voice fell a couple of octaves. “Little girl, how could you not have known? It was pressing up against you when I was spanking you.”

“But I… I didn’t know…”

“Do you take everything at face value?” She crossed her arms over her chest as her shoulders slumped. She sighed. “Quit staring. We’ve got to get you cleaned up for the Master.”

I licked my lips. “I’m sorry if I’m staring. It’s just, you’re so beautiful.” I sighed. “You’re a bi-girl’s dream… or, at least, this bi-girl’s dream.” I smiled.

She straightened, tilting her head and narrowed her eyes as she studied me. “You’re kidding, right?” Her hazel eyes softened. “You’re not, are you?”

I shook my head and crooked my finger for her to join me in the shower. She stepped in hesitantly. I wrapped my fingers around her engorged cock and pulled her to me. I stood on tiptoes to reach her lips; she tasted like bubblegum.

We lathered each other, paying particular attention to each other’s breast and nipples, her cock and balls and my clit. We both came in each other’s hands, rinsing off and sharing a secret smile.

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