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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Odd Limits

The other day, Sir & I were talking. She knows I don't like balloons. I'm particularly biased against those rubbery party balloons. I hate the way they sound when being rubbed, the feel of them against my skin, the sounds they make when they pop... all these things set my teeth on edge. She teased and said that since I'm such a masochist & have a way with twisting things into being rewards instead of punishments, that she might have to creatively torture me. Something like rubbing my entire body with balloons then popping them on my flesh would TRULY punish me. I laughed... half hearted.... cringing inside at the thought. Then I said, "No." Balloons are definitely a hard limit for me.

This got me to thinking.... What other odd limits do I have?
I have some hard limits that are based in being safe (always use condoms or some form of protection, do not play with scat or blood... though blood intrigues me & if I was with someone I trusted who was into blood play too, that limit might be lifted), sane & consensual (no animals, children or corpses). I've discovered that I have a few hard (& not so hard) odd limits that are based on personal preference.
  • balloons - yeah, no. (It's not a clown thing, though. I'm okay with clowns & even more so with jesters.)
  • outside in winter - I don't like the cold &, unlike Crumpet, I don't get turned on when my feet are frozen.
  • verbal humiliation - it just doesn't do it for me. I tend to sneer at anyone trying to verbally humiliate me & feel just plain rude when I'm humiliating someone else. (Now this does not include teasing. I LOVE teasing!)
  • extended periods of time on my knees - I have bad knees.
  • concerts - I HATE large crowds. I'm a bit agora-homicidal.
I'm sure there are a few more, but I must get ready for Freak Family Dinner. Now I'm curious... what are YOUR odd limits?


Crumpet said...

Hmmm. You now, I have no objections with Sir wrapping me up in several dozen balloons and then bursting them! ;)

Ninian said...

You can do that away from me, thank you. In fact, if I'm not around at all, I'd be fine with that too.

Justin said...

So I guess you could never hook up with someone with a balloon fetish? Cameron and I talked about the balloon fetish thing after we saw this thing on TV about balloon porn. There's some woman in the Netherlands that put out a 12 hour DVD set of nothing but her popping hundreds of balloons in various ways. One of the strangest fetishes I've ever heard of, I've got to admit.

I'd second the cold weather limit. Noooo way there. I also can't do the verbal humiliation thing, that just makes me pissed and then I'm not having fun anymore. I don't think that's an odd limit though really. I'd say my weirdest limit is sticky stuff. I don't like feeling sticky, so anything like those flavored syrups and stuff like that is a real turn off to me. Even certain lubes, if they get sticky when they start to dry, gross me out. I just can't feel sexy if I'm sticky. Wet, sweaty, waxy, greasy and so on is okay, but sticky? Nope.