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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Story start, Chlymedia & her pops - part 1 (fiction)

It's been a while since I've posted any fiction on here, so here's something I've just started. It doesn't have a title yet, but it's about Chlamydia and her evil ways. Once again, this is FICTION. ;)

Chlamydia spun in the swivel chair, chewing on the thin red coffee straw. She leaned her head way back and crossed her eyes at the ceiling. Who has a last name of Mafia? It sounded as fake as Chlamydia but not as cool. She didn't want to discuss anything with this dyke counselor. She particularly didn't want to discuss her sexual awakening... or was it awakenings? She stopped spinning and chewing and wondered what the woman would say to her asking if there could be multiple awakenings. Stretching her arms up high, she dropped the straw behind her head, cracked her knuckles, sighed and sat forward. Ms. Mafia hadn't moved a muscle from her good posture, fingers laced as if to pray position behind her desk. Chlamydia snorted. It was painfully clear that the Mafia could sit in silence much better than she could. She spun once more, to see the clock that was hanging over the doorway. She'd only been there for 15 minutes. If she was lucky, she'd only have 45 more minutes. The lucky part being, if the Mafia didn't decide to keep her through her next class like she did last time. She sighed again. Well, if she was going to be stuck here anyway she might as well give the Mafia something juicy to gnaw on.

"At my fifteenth birthday party, mom got drunk. Nothing new, it's what she always does. It wouldn't have bothered me in the least except she seduced the guy I was after ala Mrs. Robinson. I always hated that movie! It was kind of sad and pathetic really, but Leo, that's the stupid guy's name, was totally into it. I mean, I get that my mom's hot. I was used to the guys calling her the Milfiest MILF that ever there was. But I never expected her to be such a cougar or to disregard my feelings entirely! But whatever. I decided to get even." She paused.

Ms. Mafia tilted her head waiting for Chlamydia to finish. After about a minute, she asked, "how?"

Chlamydia grinned. "Okay, you might think this is really wrong, but whatever. I kinda-- well, me and my friends, we abducted my pops."

"Your what?"

"My dad. Well, sorta my dad. I mean, he was and had been since I was seven. But he's not my biological father. Not that it would make any difference to me." She paused and thought about that for a second. Would it? She never knew her biological father, but the incest taboo felt strong even with her step-dad. She knew she was crossing a very fine line. "Anyhow, pops was cute. He and mom were on the outs and, along with getting back at mom, I didn't want him to leave." This also made her pause. She had never admitted that out loud and hated to now. She shook her head, causing her blue hair to fall in her face. "It was me and three other friends." She peeked at the Mafia through the veil of hair.

Ms. Mafia was leaning forward, completely engrossed in the story. "Well, go on."

Okay, so the weekend after my party and after a long week of mom and pops fighting 'cause he found a condom wrapper in their bed that wasn't his and mom wouldn't come clean, mom was out of town for business. So I had Gothica, Ruby and Arabian come over."

Ms. Mafia cocked an eyebrow. Not their real names, I take it."

"Well duh. Just 'cause I'm going to a different school doesn't mean we don't hang out and they'd kill me if my telling you about this got them in trouble."

Ms. Mafia nodded.

"Anyhow." She sighed, wondering how much trouble she was going to get into for confessing all of this. She didn't really care, but she kinda did. She eyed the Mafia and decided that the risk was worth it. "Since pops worked so late at night, he did a lot of sleeping during the day and even during the weekend he'd mostly sleep days as that was his cycle. So I knew he'd be crashed out on the couch for several hours while I got the crew ready in my room."

And that's what I've got so far. More to come!

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Sheathen said...

That Chlamydia is a naughty naughty girl!