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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life Shifting & Interesting Horoscope

I have not been feeling very sexual as of late. Amorous and playful, but not terribly sexual or kinky. A large part of this is do to all the life shifts going on. The Artist, four others and I are working towards moving into the city. We have a place, but it needs work and we also have two houses to fix up for selling. I'm also exhausted from my job. I'm job hunting, but that eats up more time and energy. My focus feels stretched thin because even when I'm trying to be fully engaged in one situation, a portion of my brain is still gnawing on the others.

Last night, Crumpet brought over a porn called Pirates. It's one of the better made porns I've ever seen and I rather enjoyed it. It's not unusual that a porn doesn't get me all hot & bothered, I usually find them too funny to get off on, but this one had quite a bit of spitting that actually turned me off. Spitting... not my kink. There were some pretty decent sex scenes, so my dreams were rather sexual in nature.

Today when my Rob Brezsny horoscope arrived in my inbox, I was surprised to see that he references S&M & disappointed that he referred to S&M scenarios as "compromising entanglements". I do wonder if he's leaning more on the metaphorical rather than the actual. It's interesting to say the least:

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): If you have been engaged in any S&M scenario, even metaphorically, now would be a good time to quit it. Whether you're the person who's whipping or being whipped, the connection is no longer serving any worthy purpose. The good news is
that freeing yourself from compromising entanglements will make you fully available to explore new frontiers in collaboration. You will also be blessed with an influx of intuition about how to reconfigure bonds that have become blah and boring. And what if you're not currently involved in any S&M scenario? Congrats! Your assignment is to transform one of your pretty good relationships into a supercharged union that's capable of generating life-changing magic.


Crumpet said...

Can't help wonder the the author of the horoscope has an issue with S&M, and thus the negative attitude. Yes, it's not everyone's up of tea, but that's not to say it can't be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for other.

I must find other x-rated movies to watch. While I can't promise that the will be arousing, I will aim for entertaining, if not humorous.

Ninian said...

I'm totally down with entertaining and possibly humorous! ;D