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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Smattering of Lovlies!

I've been negligent in my posting due to much going on in my life which has included a smattering of Lovelies. What, you ask, is a Lovely? I'm glad you asked! For me, a Lovely is someone who is thus far not yet a lover, but someone I wish and hope will be. A lovely is a person who is not only a romantic interest, but has reciprocated such attentions... usually with a bit of tongue! ;)

The first Lovely is Raspberry. Raspberry and I have had a few dates and we will be having one tomorrow evening. She is super cute and cuddly and kissable! She is also someone I admire for the work she does with the elderly. She is sexy and subby and yummy! She lives nearby which is a double bonus for me.

Then there are my IN Lovelies. I haven't nicknames for them yet... but camping in May led to some fun & surprising smooching. I've had quite a crush on her and an itty bitty crush on him quite a while. (The Artist has a bit of a crush on him too.) I now have a full tilt crush on them both!

At CampOUT, my head almost exploded! A beautiful Pearl caught my eye and proceeded to seduce me. If I hadn't been working... if there weren't so many distractions... if I was a different sort of person... there would have been more than just delectable kisses and sweaty hugs. Sadly, she lives in NC. Happily, she plans to come to CampOUT next year! And we've emailed a little... we'll see...
Then His Grace who's a friend that I've had an ever growing crush on for a few years now, made it clear that he too has had a crush on me. We cuddled and kissed and have begun a "Romantic Friendship". (Neither of us felt that "friends with benefits" worked for us.) It's quite sexy what with the getting to know each other via email and flirting via text and planning for future meetings. He lives in MI with his wonderful and equally sexy husband His Eminence. I'm so looking forward to visiting them! (Hopefully, sometime soon.)

And things are going well with Crumpet, though he and I are having separate life upheavals and can't make plans for a while. I miss him.

So much more to write about! But I must go sleep or I will be useless tomorrow.

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Crumpet said...

Crumpet misses you too