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Monday, August 2, 2010

Raspberry Date

Delicious, delicious Raspberry! Oh how I do enjoy kissing you!

We've had a few dates thus far. She's delightful! Sad thing is, I'm almost always tired when I see her. (It's because of my job... I seem to be always tired.) So things have only gone so far sexually. We're talkin' hot and heavy make out sessions (like the one in the car Saturday night, YUM!) and fun cuddling, but not even a stitch of clothes removed. It's frustrating, but in the most delicious way! While I doubt I would've chosen it if I was well rested, I'm actually enjoying this taking it slow. Way too often things get rushed with the physical side and, while it sometimes works beautifully, I wonder how it would've been different if we had slowed down a bit.

So the other night Raspberry took me to meet some of her friends. Her hubby was there and it was cool just to hang out and chill. Her friends are pretty cool! At one point, her hubby came over, sat between the two of us with his arms around our shoulders, and said, "these ladies are comin' home with me!"
His friend laughed, "yeah, but you don't get to do anything with them!"
To which he replied, "I get to hear it and might even get to watch. That's hot!"
It made me giggle, I love voyeurs!!

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