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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mommy & joey

I've never had a desire to be a mom. I'm a fun aunt and get along with kids, but momming is just not for me.
But the Mommy/boy (or girl) dynamic in a BDSM scenario has held my curiosity for quite some time. I even explored it a bit via chat with someone who was really into it. That kinda made it hotter and more appealing. Then His Grace (who's a switch) mentioned that his little side, joey, was interested in exploring the Mommy/son dynamic. I really liked that it would be both of us journeying into this taboo-ish territory together. Thus far, we've only done one actual scene... but wow, was it HOT!!

"Mommy?" the tentative whisper is accompanied by the bed moving as Joey crawls under the covers. I'm lying on my back as he presses himself against my right side. I yawn and wrap my arms around my whimpering son.
"Did you have a bad dream, sweety?" I can feel him nodding his head against my chest. Shifting slightly to lightly run my nails over his back, I ask, "do you want to tell Mommy about it?" He mutters something about what he dreamed. I can't understand it, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that Mommy's going to make it all better.
"Shhhhhh.... here baby." I guide his head to my right breast. "Open up and suckle on Mommy's nipple. That'll make you feel better." I moan slightly as he latches on. "It always does." He nods against me.
I hum a comforting tune as I twine my fingers in his hair, using it as a handle to position his head so I can lick and nibble his earlobe. He gasps slightly, puts his leg over mine and presses his hardening boyhood against my hip. I slide my left hand down his body and fondle him. He bites. I grab his hair and yank him back.
"Mommy's other nipple needs some attention!" He dutifully crawls onto me, his mouth to my left tit, his left hand pinching and squeezing the other one. I feel his other hand massaging its way down my belly as he stretches himself along my body. His fingers stroke my pubic hair and I open my legs as he finds my moist slit.
"Mmmmmm... that's Mommy's good boy." My fingernails claw into his back as his fingers find a rhythm on my clit. Pulling his hair again, I unlatch him from my breast. "Suck up Mommy's juices, sweetheart." I shove his head under the covers and shudder as he licks me with the skill years of training have taught him. I grip his hair with both my hands, shoving his face into my pussy. Pleasure shoots through me as my hips buck and I cum. He licks and sucks me, sliding one then two then three fingers up inside me. I grunt and pant and scream and gasp as orgasm after orgasm rollicks through me. As my body vibrates, I pull him up to my lips and kiss him deeply, tasting my flavor in his mouth.
"Your such a good boy." He presses his eager cock against my leg but I ignore it & snuggle him against me. "Not scared anymore?"
"Uh-uh," he shakes his head, rolling my nipple between his fingers.
I gently move his hand. "No more sweety. Momma's gotta sleep now." I feel his hand on his member as he sighs in frustration. I slap his hand. "Now what have we said about that?"
"To leave your bed if I want to touch myself."
"Exactly. If you wanna snuggle Mommy, you can't play with your tool. So what's it gonna be, baby?"
His voice is muffled against my flesh, but I can just make out, "snuggle Mommy."
I squeeze him tighter. "Good boy. Now let's go to sleep before Mommy has to get up for work."

And now I'm having fantasies about Mommy punishing joey. I feel a good OTK session with Mommy's barehand on joey's bareass and perhaps a bit of Mommy's wooden hairbrush too. It's a scenario that will have an easy motivation for Mommy since joey & ninamarie (my little persona) have been doing some naughty sexual things. (And they're cousins too!!)
Have I not mentioned my fetish for incest taboos? Yeah.... it's one of those that even playing at it makes me squirmy...

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