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Monday, November 1, 2010

Poor Crumbs!

Such neglect!! I should be punished! But then that goes into the whole dilemma of how you punish a masochist... snicker
While it is no excuse, There has been quite a lot going on in my life. For now I will give a tantalizing list to be expanded on in later posts. In fact, most of this list will be the topics I will post about.
  • I got a promotion in my job. Woo-hoo! --- I won't be writing here about that, but it has been consuming time and energy.
  • The Artist (my hetero-lifemate) and I will be moving into Chicago in January. The Freak Family is forming a co-op to purchase a 3 flat. The 3 flat has been purchased by one couple & the co-op will be buying it from them. Kind of a venture deeper into the poly lifestyle with a live-in arrangement. One of the difficult thing about this for me is that I am not sexually involved with anyone in the group. Not that I need to be, it's just that I'm being pulled further away from my lovers while everyone else is getting closer. But it's an adventure!!
  • And yes, I did write "lovers"... plural! I now have 2 boyfriends.
  • Crumpet and I are still doing quite well and I have stories to tell about our adventures.
  • My "romantic friendship" with His Grace has gotten quite sexual as well as still being very romantic and we are now dating. We are both smitten kittens and calling and texting and emailing like teenagers. Since CampOUT, he's been here once and I've visited MI once and he plans to come right after Thanksgiving. Woot!! Much, much, MUCH to tell there!!
That's all for now. I hope this wets your appetite... and possibly other things as well. ;)

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Crumpet said...

Crumpet looks forward to meeting His Grace, and of course, reading more of your adventures.