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Friday, April 8, 2011

Without even trying...

The other evening, I was out with the Artist, Raspberry and Crumpet. We were at Rock Bottom getting drinks (I was having water 'cause I'm just that hardcore) and munchies. When Crumpet and I arrived, the Artist & Raspberry were already there. They had drinks and Raspberry was chatting excitedly. (She's so adorable when she's tipsy!) The atmosphere was quite festive when the server came over to take our orders.

Server: Is there anything I can get you? Some drinks? Appetizers? Just say what you want and it's yours! It's like magic... you say it and POOF it appears! Well, not quite appears... more like you say it, I go get it and bring it to you. You know, magic!

Me: Or like you're a slave a boy. I say what I want, you make it happen.

Server: N-n-no... magic. It's like magic.

With that one line, I apparently offended this smooth talkin' scrawny white guy 'cause he stopped talking to me, looking at me or even refilling (until I insisted) my water. I have such a way with people!


Crumpet said...

I was so proud of you!

Ninian said...

Thanks sweet stuff!

Terry said...

That was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS Lady Hyena!!! :)