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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recycling may be good for the earth, but it's bad for my love life

So Carrot & I had a long relationship talk on Tuesday in which he said that even though he's unsure of things, he wants to try dating in a more serious capacity and see where things take us. You know, that whole boyfriend / girlfriend thing. Our first date as a couple was supposed to be last night... he was even going to spend the night so we'd get some extra time together.  (I'm sure you noted the "supposed to" and "was even going to"...)

A bit before 1:30, I get this text, "Question for you... Would you be terribly disappointed if I canceled tonight?"
To which I responded, "Yep." And asked him why. He explained that his roommate / good friend just broke up with her boyfriend because she caught him cheating on her and Carrot felt that she needed a friend there and that he was that friend. I explained that I had turned down work and rearranged things in order to be with him. (As a dogwalker / pet sitter, I don't get regular time off. So if I make time for you it's a big deal.) I understand being there for a friend, but this was our first date as a couple... kind of important. He proposed a compromise of comforting her for a while then coming to me later. After a bit of back and forth, we worked it out.

But then... At 9:55 I get this text: "In so fucking hammered right omw in not going any where in so so so fucking sorry." I respond with a delicately phrased, "Fuck you". He sends back, "Well all right then" and I text, "You are completely disrespectful of my time and me as a person." To which he responds, "Well fuck me then"
And, since I was so upset, I got drunk too. My drunken text to him was, "You know what I don't do, I don't make plans with someone I care about then GET FUCKING DRUNK and blow her off." (Which, looking at it sober, I'm glad I sent it.)
It's not him comforting his friend that I have a problem with... it's not even him canceling... it's that he knew he was coming to see me and he chose to get drunk instead. I rank below alcohol... my time is worth less than getting drunk.

What I don't get is why we had that talk? Why did he waste my time and say things like he was going to prioritize me and that he wanted to be with me? I just don't get it. I probably never will.

And no... He hasn't even tried to contact me.


Terry said...

All I can say is *hugs.* You're worth more...MUCH more than that.

Ninian said...

Thank you, Terry.

estetik said...

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