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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sexy Birthday Part 1: Kittenfae!

Let me gooze on a bit about Kittenfae... 
Kittenfae is a sweet, sexy minx that I met at Lothlorian many years ago. I've always thought she was cute, but over the years I developed quite the crush on her. She's a bellydancer and an artist and crafty and an animal lover. She has eyes the color of mermaid oceans, a smile that looks like a giggle and the most infectious laugh ever. She's one of the most adorable people I've ever met! I only saw her at festivals, but the attraction was there and the flirting kept getting stronger. Randomly, when sitting around the fire, she sat in my lap. (She has the best muffins!) One drunken night, we kissed. It was delicious! But it was just a kiss and a grope then Kittenfae scampered away.

She was in the area for a bellydancing thing. It was good to see her. Even though we went swimming and flirted like mad, nothing happened... again. Then on Fetlife, we started flirting more and I confessed that I had the hots for her. I'm still not sure if she was teasing, since I thought I was ridiculously obvious, but she said she didn't know and confessed her attraction for me. Yet there was still the distance. I figured if anything was going to happen, it would be at festival.

But I was plotted against... or rather, for. For my birthday, Ripedoll and Starhealer hatched a plan. They would bring me Kittenfae as a present! They even put a bow on her.

The night of my party, I got really, really drunk. There was quite a bit of making out, but I wasn't going to bail on my friends. And Kittenfae, being the awesome person she is, wanted to stay with the party too. Having worked that day before the party, I was getting pretty tired and, at one point, Kittenfae and I fell asleep cuddled together on the Chaise.
Later I was told that when I woke up, I decided to go to bed and invited Kittenfae to join me. Then I loudly announced, "We're going to bed to sleep right now. But tomorrow we're going to wake up and have sex!" And Kittenfae giggled.

And that's just what we did. The morning sex was awesome! But before that, we slept pressed close together. I found that I adore swaddling her body with my own. She smells like rain must when it rests in the clouds and her hair is tuggably soft. I often don't sleep well with someone else in bed with me. But that night, it felt so comfortable.

In the morning I woke first and started stroking her skin. She made soft little moaning noises as she woke. Nemi, one of my cats, jumped on the bed demanding pets. We both giggled, petted the kitty, then got back to the slow touching exploration of each other's bodies. I found her ticklish in lots of places and she found my tickle spots too. Then clothes came off and I kiss/nibbled my way down her body. I wanted to bite her, hard. But we hadn't discussed marks so I asked if they were okay. She shrugged. So I only left a few little bites and sucks. Two bite marks were on the cleavagey swell of her pert breasts. I worked my way down her body as she giggled them moaned until I was between her legs. Her juices tasted of of a fruit I have never known but always craved. I kept touching her with my hands, squeezing a nipple, clawing at delicate flesh, as I licked and sucked her. I slid one, then two fingers inside her. She moaned and thrashed then asked for a towel. I pulled the comforter under her then went right back to making her scream and ungulate her body until she came.

We talked then she began kissing and sucking on me. Once she had her face between my thighs, she purred me to orgasm. Such a good kitten!


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